Let’s Make Your Message Make You Money

I believe in the power of YOUR voice and the value of YOUR purpose. We all have unique talents and skills. And with these resources, we are empowered to make a positive difference on our world and to the people that we are best placed to serve. It’s exciting times… The affordable tools at our fingertips means it’s easier than ever to put your message ‘out there’. As such, there are few excuses to not do the thing you love – and get richly rewarded for it. The REAL GeorginaThat’s why I say:

  • It’s time to speak up
  • It’s time to make a stand for what you believe
  • It’s time to be real, authentic, and brave

In this age of personal brands, I believe WHO YOU ARE is more important than WHAT YOU KNOW. Information is abundant. It’s everywhere. This means you can’t win by teaching and sharing knowledge alone. Instead, you need to unleash the most powerful took in your possession – your personality.

Create a personal brand and use your unique perspective, everyday stories, and authentic voice to stand out, be different, and cut through the competing noise.

Be conversational, be real and build your ’know, like, trust factor’. Articulate who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe – and you’ll draw the right people into your world who will want to learn from you, buy from you, and refer likeminded people to you. It’s a potent cocktail and a recipe for impact.

Unleash your passionYour message can make a difference

I know you want to make a difference – but when you lack a clear, crisp message, which feels uniquely yours and which you’re proud to communicate to the world, it’s a challenge to be memorable in this crowded digital world. I call this ‘Messy message syndrome’ and it’s more common that you think. Symptoms include:

  • A disconnect between your mind and your pen meaning your ideas don’t make sense on paper
  • A lack of clarity about what your big picture message really is
  • A frustrating inability to get all the great stuff you say during conversations or speeches into written words

If any of the above describes you, then know you’re in exactly the right place.

I’m Georgina El Morshdy – a brand communication strategist and copywriter.

My passion (and purpose) is helping inspired individuals (just like you) to understand and articulate their message – through words – so your vision (and personality) connects and engages with your target audience.

I’d love to help you unleash the power of your personality and create the engaging content you need to build a profitable business this year.

ebook-ipad-99wpTackle ‘messy message syndrome’ NOW!

So if you’re ready to show up authentically and use your personality as a marketing tool, download my free PDF now. 99 Writing Prompts will stir up your creativity and help you inject personality into your content.

Trust me… Amazing things happen when you show up authentically, honestly, and helpfully :-)


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