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Discover tips, strategies and ideas for building relationships with customers through words

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Build relationships first, and the sales will follow…

If you want to hone your customer finding strategy, join me for 30 Days of Copywriting Love. In return, you’ll receive 30 tips, thoughts and ideas to help you build relationships with your customers. I promise you won’t regret it, so please share your details NOW ūüôā


love1You can’t tell a customer when it’s time to buy…

But you can build a relationship so you become the obvious choice when the time is right.

As you know, people buy from people they¬†know, like and trust. Sounds easy in principle, but requires creativity, effort and commitment in practice. BUT once you’ve built rapport and relationships, the payback is worth it.

Staying in touch with people through useful, relevant and interesting content is one proven approach. And that’s what 30 Days of¬†Copywriting Love is all about. Join me NOW and you’ll receive a daily, info-packed email for the next 30 days.

Each will be less that 500 words long and whilst I can’t guarantee they’ll all be genius masterpieces, they will give you stacks of ideas to help you build relationships with your own customers. PLUS when the 30 days is up, I’ll even send you a special download with a summary of lessons and findings from the 30 days.

Georgina’s 30 Days of Copywriting Love was superb! Every day I was waiting for the next little gem to arrive in my inbox. It made all the books I had been reading about copywriting make sense with the simple, no nonsense style. Well done Georgina, I can’t wait for the book!

Lisa Battershill – Feet Fixers

If you’re serious about building relationships,¬†join me NOW for 30 Days of Copywriting Love. It’s super easy to do.¬†Simply share your name and email address in the box below¬†and I’ll see you in your inbox ūüôā¬†

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Yes please, I want some love!

100513_Georginas web photos_2623 cropI’m excited and I hope you are too,

Georgina¬†@GemWriting (that’s me in the picture :-))

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