A surprisingly simple way to discover what’s special about your micro business

Let’s start with a very important question…

What’s special about your micro business?

Answer this right and you’ll discover your USP and learn how to differentiate your business.

What’s more, if you express this specialness to customers with the right words, I truly believe you’ll see the quality of your advertising message soar.

Now I hope you’re thinking well that’s easy to say but how do I do it. If so, keep reading and I’ll reveal one simple technique you can use to discover your special sauce.

Now I’m pretty passionate about micro business.

I love the nimbleness, flexibility and innovation that’s possible when  just a few people work together.

From my perspective, tiny is mighty.

What’s more,  if you’re anything like me, I just love that my company is an extension of who I am. It’s more than a job. Instead it’s a passion (actually my husband would say obsession) and an entity that gives me focus and purpose.

Because through your work you can discover, develop, create and connect.

  • You can discover new skills and acquire new knowledge.
  • You can develop in confidence, experience and authority,
  • You can create something unique that’s inspired by your passion and vision, and
  • You can connect with others by showing how your business benefits customers.

Pretty cool hey!

And because your business means so much – it follows that part of what makes your business special is YOU.

Let me explain:

  • You may be offering a product that’s similar to your competitors – but they don’t make it like you.
  • You may provide a service in a competitive field – but no one else can deliver it how you do.

And that’s why I get so excited about micro biz. In fact, I think we have a big advantage we should openly exploit!

You see, we like to buy from people we like (and trust). And as a micro biz owner, you have the opportunity to be the face of your business, and the person your customers buy from.

So let me ask you that question again.

How do you make your business special?

  • Perhaps you’re an IT consultant with an uncanny ability to cut through jargon and explain techy troubles in language technophobes grasp.
  • Maybe you’re an accountant who makes book keeping, easy, hassle free and fun!
  • Or are you a party planner who oozes so much enthusiasm you make the planning as exciting as the party!

What do you offer customers that’s unique?

We often overlook what makes our business special. And that can be for a number of reasons:

  1. You’re so close you can’t see it.
  2. You do it so naturally you don’t recognise its value.
  3. You don’t have the confidence to embrace and promote  your uniqueness.

So if you can’t see it, how are you supposed to find out?

Well here’s a simple idea to discover your hidden magic. I know it works because this is the very technique I used to discover what’s special about Gem Writing.

Here comes the surprisingly simple formula!

You need to ask the people who know best – your customers.

(Hey I did warn you it was simple!)

And you can do that in two ways:

  • Read through your testimonials and watch out for a common thread.
  • Talk to your customers and ask them for feedback.

Next time we’ll start exploring how you can translate this information into words that sell.

But before then, do some digging and discover what customers love about your business.

And then let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.

P.S: Thanks so much for reading :-)

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    • says

      Hi Fiona, thanks for your comment. I can imagine that would be big appeal to your customers. And I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that your family presence and your innovative ways to bring the farm to your visitors play a role too :-)

  1. says

    Hi Georgina, at the moment I seem to be reading so many of your articles via newsletters, email, twitter feeds etc and just had to say a huge “thank you” you really do make so much sense and your articles are certainly aiding me in both the revamping my home page on my website and also, in terms of re-designing my brochure, in fact everything I am doing to improve my business presence so I am found on the world wide web, you are assisting me virtually! So felt impelled to drop by and say thank you! The fact that you are a #SBS winner aswell, makes this thank you even more special.


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