Ask and you shall receive. How to write marketing copy that converts

As a micro biz owner, finding customers and making sales is pretty high on your agenda.

So how do you ensure you use the right words to attract your customers?

More to the point, how do you convert that attention into sales and ensure customers race to you when the starter’s gun is fired?

Settle down, it’s time to find out!

In copywriting jargon, the technique which converts readers is your call to action. Simply put, your call to action is what you want readers to do after they’ve read your message.

Action stations!

Calls to actions vary enormously. A share on social media; leave a comments on your blog; download a special report on your landing page; buy a product from your website…

You get the picture. Simply decide what’s right for your own business.

How to entice a response

First you need to put in the persuasive leg work and present your readers with the information they need to decide. You’ll do this in your body copy.

Here’s a quick 5-point checklist.

  1. Are you writing in an appropriate tone?
  2. Have your structured your message so it’s easy to read?
  3. Is your customer clear how they will benefit?
  4. Have you avoided jargon, wordy paragraphs and complicated language?
  5. Did you answer your readers’ questions and reservations?
Once you’ve used your body copy to tick off this, it’s time to get into the real nuts and bolts of conversion…

Ask for the sale

A lot of micro biz owners do a great job of writing their body copy – only to fall horribly at the last hurdle and mess up their call to action.

I don’t know if it’s a British thing, but sometimes we find ourselves a bit too embarrassed to ask for the “sale”. It’s somehow impolite or pushy. So instead, you make your call to action too vague or too subtle and then get disappointed when your conversion rate is pants.

But here’s a though.

You work damn hard. What’s more you know you’ve got a great product that would add real value to your customer. I think if you authentically believe in what you provide, don’t be afraid to sell it (I’l expand on this idea in a later blog).

And don’t pussy foot around!

The trick when writing your call to action is to be as clear and specific as possible.

This makes some biz owners uncomfortable.  They perceive inane simplicity as an insult to their intelligent readers.

Not so…

I bet you read your copy carefully from start to finish (and if you don’t you should!)

You take time (and pleasure) rolling over each paragraph to clarify your understanding.

Sorry folks. You might but the vast majority of your readers won’t. And the stats are even higher for a blatant sales piece (the rules differ for informative “useful” copy like newsletters and blog posts).

And even those who do “read” won’t give your copy their full attention. They’ll scan, skip a bit here and there, read just the subheads… and all the while they’re pondering what to do with the kids after school and what’s for dinner!

And that means by the time they arrive at your call to action they’re a wee bit disorientated.

Focus your reader

To maximise your conversion rate, you must make your call to action clear, specific and simple. Believe me, your readers (and your conversion rate) will thank you for it. In fact, research shows the more detailed you are, the more your conversion rate benefits.

And while we’re on the subject, here are a few more tips to max your conversion.

  1. Have just one call to action. Don’t give your reader lots of choice as they’re less likely to respond. Pick just one.
  2. Include a mini call to action towards the beginning of your body copy. Some prospects will be converted early on and it works well to let them know how to respond quickly.
  3. Click here links work. They’re simple, clear and your subconscious follows the instruction.

Try out these examples

To recap. The best calls to action are specific and crystal clear.

Experiment with these simple examples below:

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  1. says

    A strong call to action can truly make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting (potential) customers to respond the way that you want them to. You can write till your fingers fall off about how great a product or service is but unless you give the reader a specific and direct call to action, you aren’t going to reap as many results as you could.

    • says

      Can’t argue with that! Lots of businesses assume their reader will know what to do after reading your message but that simply isn’t the case. As you say give clear, specific instructions and you’re more likely to boost your conversion and get better results. Thanks for your comment :-)

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