I’ve Been A Coward – Here’s What I’m Doing About It

YOU heard it here! Hiding is BAD for business…

Churning stomach, nausea, and sweaty palms…

How often do you experience these symptoms when (trying) to write your content?

And if it’s not a physical reaction, then maybe it’s the chatter in your head. You know… that little, evil voice, which persuades you to leave the keyboard and stops the flow of words in their tracks.


Now, it might surprise you to discover that I feel these ‘symptoms’ too.

To be specific, this happens less when writing stuff for clients, but more when writing for myself.

Truth is I find it really, REALLY hard to write personality-rich copy for me.

That’s right! While I’m pretty darn good at getting inside other people’s heads and writing for them, I’m shockingly bad at writing my own story. And this flaw has bugged me for a very long time.

(After saying that, I feel as though I should give you a little proof as to my skills, so here’s a quick testimonial!)


So if you’ve ever been held back from expressing your voice (or sharing your truth) then believe me when I say, ‘I get it’.

There’s so much I’ve left unwritten when it comes to my message. And as well as being bad for the soul, it’s seriously bad for business.

Let me tell you why…

Your customers need more YOU

Personality-rich copy sells.

Don’t believe me? Then pause for a moment and think about the big names in your niche. I bet their message is oozing personality. In fact, dig a little deeper and I bet you feel as if you know these individuals – even if you’ve never met. And the reason for this familiarity is simple… these experts have shared their story along with insights into their day-to-day. As such you’ve come to know, like, and trust them.

In turn, these experts you trust are no longer faceless fonts of knowledge. Instead, they have a depth, which goes way deeper than what they’re selling. You may even wish to be more like them.

Here’s the thing…

Information is in abundance. There’s very little you can’t now discover online. When I think back to my student days at Durham Uni, it was the library, which held the answers – and it was hard work trawling through reams of journals and complicated books to discover the nuggets. Now, knowledge is at your fingertips. And it’s plentiful.

And it’s for this reason that WHOM you choose to learn from and work with has become increasingly important – the experts know this. It’s why their positioning is focused around who they are – not just what they know.

If you fail to embrace this aspect of marketing your business, you will lose out. Let’s be honest, there are lots of people teaching and sharing in your niche. So how do you make your perfect customer tune into YOUR MESSAGE and style as opposed to all their other options?

I can tell you it’s not by being a coward!

Open up! Quit hiding, and free your voice

It's me with no make-up. Call it my metaphorical way so saying STOP HIDING and reveal the real you :-)

Yes! It’s me with no make-up. Call it my metaphorical way of saying STOP HIDING and reveal the real you :-)

Instead, you have to share yourself through stories and parables. Remember facts don’t always stick. In comparison, anecdotes, examples and insights gleaned from your day-to-day are far gluier. And that’s not surprising given we’re culturally evolved to relate to and respond to stories.

And that’s why I say it’s time to tap into the most awesome of marketing strategies.

Frustratingly, I’ve known this ‘secret’ for a very long time! Hey, I’ve even written about the value of your story and your style, but I’ve been too scared to put myself ‘out there’.

Yes, I’ve been a coward. And that makes me sad :-(

  • So trust me when I say that I know how it feels when you want to create killer content – but just can’t.
  • I know how an awesome idea can turn into an intelligible mush when it spills onto your screen.
  • I know the frustration – sometimes despair – you can feel when you convince yourself that your story (or idea) isn’t interesting.

But the truth is none of these fears are true…

This is simply internal dialogue, which is keeping you small and holding you back…

And if you want to overcome this block, I see two choices:

  1. EITHER suffocate the potential of your message and keep hiding your voice because you think you can’t write or you’re scared what your audience might think if you actually spoke your truth
  2. OR Kick through that *@it and do something strong and meaningful, which will annihilate those ‘message-destroying-monsters’ and give your voice a powerful conduit from which to start helping the people who you can best serve – while you transform your business
    (that was a mouthful!)

Anyway, I’ve opted for number two, and here’s what I’m doing…

This experiment will be interesting – of that I’m sure

Time for some childlike curiosity, I think :-)

Time for some childlike curiosity, I think :-)

How can make a powerful and meaningful difference to your customers if you keep hiding?

You can’t.

Instead, you’ve got to create more top-notch content for your audience to engage with.

That’s why over the next 30 days, I’ll be writing, mailing, or posting a piece of personality-rich/story-based content to my list.

Just to be clear, this isn’t about overloading my subscribers with tedious ‘salesy’ stuff. Instead, I plan to add lots of value by sharing what I know in my own unique way. Now of course there will be some invitations to buy, but predominately, this challenge is about adding value, initiating conversations, and nurturing relationships.

Sure, writing with personality on a regular basis is a BIG step out of my comfort zone, but then you only grow by doing stuff that stretches you, right?

Right now, I can’t say exactly what I’ll create. But with the intension made, my subconscious will be on the look-out for some cool staff to write about. And just to be clear, while the topics for my upcoming content may not be clear, I do have a strategy. While this ‘experiment’ is about ‘freeing your voice’ and ‘revealing more you’, there does needs to be some tangible business benefit too. It’s why I’ve made a note of all my key metrics, so that I can track progress as the month unfolds. It’s also why I’ve created a 30 Day To More YOU template, (which I may share in the future – if there’s enough interest), to guide my thoughts and structure my communication.

Want to see what I’m up to?

I have good instinct and a sneaky suspicion this journey will prove to be one of the best things I ever do for my business, my confidence, and my writing.

If you’re already on my list, you’ll be able to see what I’m up to. If you’re interested in content market and how you can use personality-rich content to grow your business, share your message, and establish your expert authority, I’m sure you’ll find my daily emails useful.  There will be plenty for you to swipe and deploy (as well as some cool resources and tools to help you reveal more YOU).

If you’re not on my list, I encourage you to sign up NOW – so you don’t miss out on all the upcoming goodies :-) It’s easy to do, simply add your email to the form at the top or bottom of this post and you’ll be in! 

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