Expedition Profile: Blog Packages That Boost Your Message Momentum

Has your blog stagnated?

Is your content uninspiring?

Are you unsure what to write?

If so it’s time to take back control and ignite some momentum.

You see when done well, blogging is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your business. And if you’ve gone to the time and expense to set one up, you need to be sure you’re maximising its potential.

So if you’re not posting quality content on a regular basis you’ll miss out on:

  • Fresh traffic to your website
  • Building your reputation as an authority in your specialist niche
  • Boosting your chances of being found in organic search results
  • Sales and enquiries
  • Growing your audience

Introducing professional blogging packages

My professional blogging consultancy service enables you to publish quality content under your name without having to type a word! It means your business can benefit from fresh blog content, written specifically to attract your target customer and grow your reputation.

I’ve got three convenient blogging services available. And with a rolling month by month agreement there’s no long term commitment.

1.  A one-off post

Commission a single post. Ideal if you’re looking for one article to kick-start your blog or a high quality article to support your guest blogging strategy.

Premium package

If you want to use your blog strategically, this is the package for you.  In addition to high quality blog content, this premium package includes strategy and a host of other features as outlined below. Choose this option if you’re serious about using your blog to attract new customers, build your reputation and grow your business.

  1. On-going Skype or phone call consultations to discuss and revisit your blogging goals
  2. Development and management of an editorial calendar
  3. A regular schedule of premium content specifically written to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Each post is supplied in Word ready for you to post directly into your blog.
  4. Detailed research into your industry
  5. Research to discover what customers want to read about
  6. Meta descriptions written to standout in the SERP results and entice clicks
  7. Incorporating Internal links to encourage readers to explore your existing content and let Google know it’s still relevant
  8. The option to commission additional articles to submit as guest blog proposals
  9. Advice to position your blog within your overall content marketing strategy


Alerting your list when you’ve published a new blog is an easy way to stay in touch with your subscribers and drive more visits to your website. With the Premium+ package, not only do you get everything that’s listed in the Premium service, but you get an email ready to send to your list to get the right eyes on your new content.

It’s easy to get started…

Simply contact me to discuss your blogging goals and identify how blog content could grow your business