Is Your Website Leaving Money on the Table?

Is your website leaving money on the table?

You know of course that who we choose to do business with is influenced by how much we know, like and trust someone. And whilst there are things you can do on your website to build rapport and connection with a first-time visitor, very rarely will it be enough to convince someone to buy from […]

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Here’s How to Get SERIOUSLY Good at the MOST Important Job in Your Business


Are you serious about growing your business? If so, you need to remember one key thing… “Business is all about the relationships your create and the people you interact with.” It’s so true that people are more likely to buy from you if they know, like and trust you. And of the three, likeability is […]

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Here’s Why You Need To Take A Few Risks With Your Marketing


Last week, I was in Birmingham for an all-day event with around 500 other small business owners. The afternoon session was led by a very interesting speaker called Casper Berry. As an ex-professional poker player, he did a fantastic and very thought-provoking presentation about risk taking, poker and the links to success in business. His […]

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Who Else Wants an Easy-Peasy Content Marketing Strategy?


Yesterday, I was at Basingstoke with around 700 other small business owners getting inspired by the Entrepreneur’s Circle. I love these events. After all, when you work for yourself, it can get pretty isolating. And whilst the internet is a fantastic resource for hunting out new ideas, there’s nothing better than being in a room, […]

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Are You Using This Super-Simple Method To Increase Your relevance?

Alice at Pennywell

Good news! In this post I’m going to reveal an easy way to get your emails read and your direct mail opened. Sounds good right? But before we get to that, here’s a short story to make my point – it involves children and animals! As you know, it’s hard to switch off when you’re […]

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7 Secrets For Defeating Writer’s Block (and a FREE poster)

Creation of composition and crumpled sheets on wooden table

I have a confession to make… This weekend I’ve finally started work on a new personal writing project. It’s something I’ve been mulling over for a while now, but somehow I’ve just been too busy to get started. After all, I do have an eight-week old baby, client work and other bits and pieces vying for my […]

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Could This Time Saving Tool Work For You Too?


Good news! Early last month I welcomed my beautiful baby boy to the world. He’s now six weeks old, and although I’m biased, I reckon he’s the most gorgeous boy ever! I’m a very proud mumpreneur Because I’m self-employed (and because I love my job), maternity leave was never on the cards. So after a […]

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Five Writing Tips That Can Multiply Your Profits

One Two Three Four Five Counting Finger Hands

I’m constantly intrigued. Why are business owners willing to invest in design and print costs only to skimp on their words? For sure it’s important your marketing looks good and arrives in your prospects hands looking like the real deal. BUT if the message is all wrong, you’ve potentially thrown good money down the drain […]

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3 Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Sales Copy

Sharpen your sales copy

Great sales copy reads effortlessly. And it’s persuasive… Somehow it catches your eye, draws you in and before you know it you find yourself nodding at the content and getting excited about owning the product or service that’s being “sold” to you. And a response like this translates into a healthy bottom line… But from […]

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Welcome Sage Readers…


Hi again! I’m Georgina – one of Sage’s Business experts. I’m also a freelance copywriter and mum of two small girls and I’m on a mission to help small business owners just like you succeed with words. To help, I’ve got some great resources lined up for you. They’re designed to help you communicate better, grow your authority and attract more […]

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