Introducing The Non-Writer’s Guide To Copywriting

non-writer's guide

Do you get frustrated that you can’t write good sales copy? Does it take you an age to string together a sentence that actually makes sense? Are you tearing your hair out wondering why customers aren’t responding to your sales messages? If so I’ve created an eBook which I think might help The Non-Writer’s Guide […]

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30 Tips, Tools & Techniques That Grow Relationships With Your Customers


As you know, in business, people buy from people. This means, to be successful, you’ve got to work your know, like, trust factor. And that requires an investment in relationship building. You see your customer’s buying habits have changed. Thanks to the internet we’re now more informed than ever and the likelihood is potential clients […]

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How Many Times Should You Advertise?

Bizarre number set

Let’s start with a question to answer this question… How often do you buy a service from someone you’ve met for the first time? I reckon the percentage is pretty small. And usually it’s because: It’s not the right time OR You don’t know, like or trust the person enough. However, I find that many […]

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Are You Using This Cost Effective Lead Generator In Your Business?

Holding Out Twenty Pound Notes

Do you wonder why some business owners can turn a new product or service into a flourishing success whilst others struggle to get the phone to ring? I believe the answer lies in the quality of their list and the way they’ve interacted with it over time. If you’re anything like me there are probably […]

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Warning: Are You Giving Up On The Sale Too Soon?

Business person against technology background

As you know sales are the lifeblood of your business –  and without a steady stream of fresh enquires your cash flow will suffer. Despite this, securing a sale NOW should not be your sole focus. Instead you need to invest your energy in finding and then keeping customers. And whilst this approach requires more […]

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Here’s An Easy Way To Create A Customer Avatar For Your Business


Hands up who wants to: Massively increase their conversion rates Attract more of their “best” customers Create advertising that actually works by generating an impressive return on your investment? If so read on because I’m about to reveal a highly effective, yet easy to use marketing tool that could seriously revolutionise how you approach your […]

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Warning: Are These 14 Essential Ingredients Missing From Your Marketing?

Stand out from the crowd

As a copywriter I see a lot of really poor marketing. I define this as marketing that: Fails to attract attention Doesn’t inspire customers to take action Is boring and forgettable Is “industry generic” (meaning in the absense of your name and logo it could apply to just about any of your competitors) And the […]

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Ten Tricks To Make Creativity A Cornerstone Of Your Micro Business

creativity word cloud on blackboard

How much time do you spend being creative in your micro business? Creativity is about manifesting something new and bringing ideas and concepts from your imagination into a tangible form. As a copywriter, being creative is my job. And that means I spend a lot of time in my zone. But is it enough? As […]

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10 Secrets To Attract Attention & Convert Visitors Through Your Homepage

home buttons

What are the characteristics of a great homepage? Perhaps it’s one that’s both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Maybe it shows up in organic searches for your targeted keywords and phrases. Or it delivers a classy user experience that compels visitors to take action As a minimum, a great homepage must convince your target customer to […]

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Will You Embrace This Opportunity For A Fresh Start?

start flying kite

Happy New Year! I love January. Despite the anticlimax of Christmas being over for yet another year, there’s also a powerful opportunity for a new start. And in business, looking at what you do through fresh eyes and making new decisions and commitments can be incredibly beneficial. As you know, if you’re not looking at […]

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