Blogging? Top Ten Tips For Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Love

If you’re convinced of the value of content marketing, you’ll want to get blogging.

But how do you write posts that hook and engage your audience?

As a small business owner you’ve already got a million things to do, so if your blog doesn’t get the exposure you’d like, you may think it’s a waste of time. But don’t give up too soon.

In fact, assuming you’ve got a cracking topic to write about, there are some easy to implement strategies you can use. Try them and see how they encourage readers to click your link and discover what you have to say.

Let’s dissect the anatomy of a winning blog post

Implement these top ten tips when you next write, and watch your blog draw in readers.

  1. Each post must be part of a wider blogging strategy that rewards your audience with valuable content about a topic they find interesting. This requires serious planning. So if you want a head-start, check out Pushing Social and download Stan’s brilliant 7 Minute Blog Strategy. It will get you laser focused and pin point what you’re aiming to achieve.  That way you’ll be blogging with purpose instead of picking topics on a whim.
  2. Make it a rule to always post useful, relevant content. Blogging is not the place to thrust a hard core sales pitch at your audience. Instead, use it to strike up a conversation and stake your claim as an authority.
  3. Write for somebody, not everybody. You can’t please everyone so get clear on your target audience and write specifically for them. Get comfortable that some people won’t like what you do!
  4. Start with a cracking headline. It’s job is to grab attention, evoke curiosity and suck readers onto your blog.  If your headline fails to hook, what’s in the rest of your post is irrelevant.
  5. Make your post “sticky” by incorporating links to other highly relevant posts within your blog.  This interlinking strategy will encourage readers to hang around and explore what else you’ve got to stay. Readers are like gold dust so when you’ve achieved the hard work of getting them to your site, you’ll want to convince them to hang around. And if they like what they see, they’ll appreciate clear direction to your other top notch content.
  6. Make sure your post is well written. It sounds obvious but a great story can be completely undermined by poor writing. There are stacks of copywriting techniques you can use to enhance the readability of your post. I’ve discussed a few here.
  7. Incorporate relevant keywords and keyword phrases to help with SEO. But don’t make the mistake of stuffing your blog in the desperate hope of moving up the rankings. When people come to read your post they’ll see through it and click away. Never forget you’re writing for people, not search engine spiders.
  8. Get the length spot on. That’s not too long it’s padded with waffle, and not too short it lacks substance. And don’t be afraid to edit… ruthlessly. Scrap anything that doesn’t add to your message and re-work your structure until your point is crystal clear.
  9. Embed a call to action. This can be as simple as encouraging readers to leave a comment, or getting sign-ups for your email list.
  10. Finally once your post is published, (that’s after you’ve edited and proofread it thoroughly) promote it with social media. Post your blog onto Facebook, tweet the link and help your writing reach new audiences.

Finally in the words of Stan Smith:

“Readers are precious and their attention is scarce.  Your challenge is to get your readers to spend time with your content, get comfortable with your vision, and take steps to build a relationship with you”. 

Over to you. How are you enticing readers? What tips do you have for writing winning blog posts? Let me know by leaving your comments.

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