Discover How You Can Use The Pioneer Compass To Create A Content Marketing Plan And Build Your Know, Like, Trust Factor

IMG_2254If you’re reading this page it means you have my business card and there’s  good chance we met. So thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this page :-)

Anyway, I promised to explain how you can use the Pioneer Compass to create a content marketing plan and build your ‘know, like, trust factor’ – so let’s crack on…

To start with, have a listen to this short podcast

It’s only a few minutes long and will help you understand why your personality, your big WHY, and your expert status matters – if YOU want to get your message turned up (not switched off).

Do you ever get the feeling that no one is listening?

IMG_2312It’s frustrating when you have incredible value to offer.

But that’s the problem with the expert industry today…

Unless your target audience knows who you arewhat you do, and how you help, your impact is limited. After all, there are countless other people competing for the same eyes, ears, and hearts.

Fortunately, the winners in this ‘attention game’ aren’t necessarily those who shout the loudest. And while it’s tricky, it’s not impossible to cut through the noise and earn your ideal customer’s attention.

  • You can win –  just by being you
  • You can be heard – when you express your authentic voice
  • You can succeed – with your unique personality

And the best bit?

You already have these ‘winning’ ingredients in abundance.

You simply need to convert these assets into Pioneer Content 

And that’s my speciality…

Awaken your audience with your Pioneer message

PioneercontentWhen you take your unique offer to your market, your message is like no other. It’s ‘one of a kind’ because it’s YOUR perspective and YOUR take on your niche.

Remember. No one else can offer the same service as you, in the same way that you do – simply because they are NOT YOU!

As such, your personalityyour backstory, and your knowledge and experience become your unique selling points.

All that’s left for you to do is package this unique combination into words that engage your target customer – and make them want more.

The Pioneer Compass is your guide

Through the 5 Ps of the Pioneer Compass (my signature process for creating content that expresses your authentic message with personality) is outlined in the diagram below:


This detailed process allows you to discover your wordscraft your message, and express your voice.

With the help of this compass, you can:

  1. Know how to Position your message in relation to your expertise, your personality, and your experience.
  2. Get clear on the People with who you want to connect and that you can best serve.
  3. Design the Path you must follow to achieve your business goals.
  4. Convert your Path into a high-level, content-driven Plan.
  5. Create an editorial calendar to ensure you Publish the right content at the right time.

What to do next?

Pioneer Content can be a game-changer for your business. So if you want to use content to grow your business in a strategic, joined-up way, a Pioneer Away Day could be right for you. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’d like to spend a day with me in sunny Devon nailing your voice, your message, and your supporting content strategy, then email with the subject line ‘Pioneer’ and then let’s book a time to talk further.

Alternatively, if you’d like some free content marketing resources, well here are some goodies.

Just sign-up below and I’ll send you my Content Marketing Sense Check and Content Planner.


These PDF tools will help you:

  1. Create content that’s crafted to achieve your intended goal
  2. Plan 90-days worth of content and get your message in front of your perfect who

If you want them, you know what to do…


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