Convert Website Visitors Into Customers – With The ‘Client Warm-Up’ Bundle

Exclusively for business owners selling a higher priced service, which they deliver personally

When making a big purchase decision, you need to comfortable that you’re making the right choice. It takes time and information to get to a ‘yes’.

You’ll take a punt on a trivial purchase, but where the fee is sizeable, you’ll want to know more. And this is exactly how your potential clients feel about your offer. Even if a customer is certain your service is exactly what they need, they’ll still look for reassurance and proof that YOU are the right person for the job.

And that’s where you can use content to your advantage… because the right content can streamline the decision-making process and make it easier for a potential customer to say ‘yes’.

Let me explain…

What is your perfect customer looking for?

Many potential customers begin their quest for answers online.  These individuals have a problem, which they want to overcome – and they’re looking for solutions. They may already know they need a service – just like yours – or they may be unsure of what’s right for them and are just looking for possibilities.

Regardless of the scenario, when a perfect customer lands on your website, your first job is to demonstrate that you understand their pain – and that you have the answer.

Then, you have to educate your visitors so that they feel totally comfortable with the idea of investing in your service.

Build your ‘know, like, trust factor’

I know you’re seriously good at what you do. Your have extensive knowledge in your specialist field and you genuinely give a damn that your clients get a great service and brilliant results.

So how do you communicate all that to people who haven’t worked with you before?

This is where your personality is key. You need to draw people into your world because in the age of personal brands who you are is more important than what you do. Don’t overlook the power of your personality. Your unique interpretation on your niche will influence a client’s buying decision – just as much as your knowledge and experience. You can’t hide. Customers need to feel a connection with YOU – with the real, authentic you – if they are to buy.

So if you want to attract more of the right kind of enquiries, you need to build rapport with your website visitors. You want them to feel drawn to you.

And that’s where the Client Warm-Up Bundle fits in…

That’s because this premium collection of done-for-you content allows you to showcase your authority, reveal the real you, and give potential clients proof that you’re up for the job.

In short, this premium content bundle – all handcrafted specifically for your business – contains all the elements you need to:

  • Encourage the best leads to raise their hands
  • Prove to your perfect customers that you can solve their most pressing problem
  • Allow potential clients to know who you are and what you stand for
  • Establish an emotional connection
  • Provide the multiple touch points that help to build your ‘know, like, trust factor’
  • Allow potential clients to make a decision in their own time – no icky pestering!
  • Develop connections with your audience through your personal brand
  • Create a new possibility for your audience
  • Nudge potential customers – who already know a fair bit about you –  to take the next step (whatever that may be)

And it doesn’t stop there…

Once this content has been implemented into your business, it will run on autopilot. In return, you can attract quality leads, raise your profile, and nurture profitable relationships without doing a thing!

Imagine the time and effort you’ll save when you weed out the time-wasters and get more of the right type of enquiry.

What’s more, you’ll increase the performance of your website too. How many people are clicking off your website right now without taking action because your content doesn’t speak to them? With the Client Warm-Up Bundle hard at work in your business, you can begin to attract a steady flow of opt-ins and leads that will help your business to grow.

What content is included in the Client Warm-Up Bundle?

The Message Maker Bundle provides a collection of bespoke content crafted to drive a simple four-step process, which turns website traffic into subscribers and then into enquiries – all on auto-pilot:

  1. Capture contact details
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Build a relationship
  4. Encourage the next step

And when you invest in the Client Warm-Up Bundle, I’ll personally write each element of this process for you. After all, you don’t have the time or inclination to write all this stuff yourself, do you?

Here’s a complete list of all the content you’ll receive for your investment:

1.  A two-hour ‘What’s Your Message?’ consultation (worth £390)

For your content to position your expertise and your service correctly, it needs to have authenticity, personality, and relevancy.

It’s why our work together will start with an in-depth consultation on Skype.

I’ll want to get to the heart of your story, your offer, and your personality. We’ll also spend focused time talking about your perfect who to ensure your content is tailored for them.

I’ll have lots of questions because I want to get inside your head and under the skin of your message. It’s my aim to craft copy in YOUR voice – or it’s not authentic, is it? Don’t underestimate the importance of ensuring congruency between the real you and the you that shows up in the words on your website. If the two don’t match, you’ll undermine trust and cut the chances of making a sale.

2.  Copy for a concise lead magnet (worth £295)

Your lead magnet’s job is twofold. Firstly, it should entice your perfect customer to share their contact details with you. Secondly, your lead magnet kick-starts the ‘education process by providing information and ideas that will ultimately help the reader decide which decision is right for them.

This two-three page document will begin to solve your target customer’s most pressing problem whilst positioning you (and your expertise) as you build your ‘know, like, trust factor’. 

3.  Content for a website opt-in form (worth £65)

With your lead magnet complete, you’ll want an opt-in form to collect contact details and build your all-important list.

Your bundle includes copy for a simple squeeze page worded to entice your perfect customer into sharing their email address. Once on your list, you can stay n touch via email and gently nudge the next step.

4.  A blog to ‘sell’ your lead magnet (worth £150)

To raise the profile of your lead magnet and to drive more opt-ins, your bundle includes a long-form blog post. This will be written to position your lead magnet, give it context, and drive opt-ins. You’ll be able to promote this post on social media and even use it to attract organic search traffic too.

5.  A know, like, trust (K, L, T) email sequence (worth £210)

Once on your list, new subscribers will receive your K, L, T email sequence. As the name suggests, the purpose of this sequence is to help your audience come to know, like, and trust you – critical elements if people are to work with you.

To achieve this goal your emails will start to tell your story, express your personality, stamp your authority, and back it all up with social proof or case studies.

In addition, this sequence will invite new subscribers to take the ‘next step’. We’ll agree what this step should be during your Message Maker call, but to give you an idea it could be a free ‘get started’ chat or a new subscriber discount on one of your entry-level services.

6.  A ‘Next step’ sales page (worth £195)

Your K, L, T emails won’t contain the low-down on your next step invitation. Instead, we’ll encourage subscribers to click through to a sales page that contains all the details along with testimonials and an irresistible call to action.

7.  A ‘next step’ sequence (worth £150)

Finally, we’ll reinforce your K, L, T sequence with a ‘next step’ campaign.

This short series of emails will drive clicks to your next step page to maximise the number of people joining your list who become a customer. Again, this won’t be icky and pushy. Instead we’ll continue to add value and nudge your subscriber that little bit closer to a ‘yes’.

What’s your investment in the Client Warm-Up Bundle?

The Client Warm-Up Bundle is designed to transform your website into a lead generating tool that builds your personal brand and nurtures profitable relationships with the people on your list.

If you don’t have a lead capture or follow up mechanism on your site, without question you’re losing out on leads and sales. In short, you’re website isn’t achieving it’s potential – it’s time to take action.

Now you could implement all the bits and bobs from the Client Warm-Up Bundle individually, but that will take longer (and cost more). And that’s why I encourage you to implement this system in one go because it builds momentum and can amplify your results.

The bundle is cheaper too…

If you were to order every item in the Client Warm-Up Bundle separately, then your invoice would be £1455.00. And that’s a fair price for the amount of work involved in creating this series of interconnecting content.

But if you order a Client Warm-Up Bundle, you’ll get a nice, chunky discount.

Here’s why…

My best work happens when I invest time to think – in detail – about a project. Great copy isn’t just about the words on the page; it’s about the context, the angle, and the examples. And so I’ll always start a new project with a blank sheet of paper, my favourite mechanical pencil, and a calm mind. I’ll make notes, jot down ideas, and see what bubbles up. I may even sleep on a project to let my subconscious have a good mull over (you’d be amazed at what genius pops into my head during my morning walk!)

This same level of thought goes into every project – whether that’s an email series, a blog, or a website. And whilst it’s a part of the process I really enjoy, it’s very time intensive.

But with a bundle, I can think about the whole project as one – it’s more efficient. Ideas for the lead magnet (for example) will influence the K, L, T series and the next step sales page. In a nutshell, when working on a bundle, I can write more content in a set time period than I can when working on a number of small, unrelated projects.

And that’s why your investment in the Client Warm-Up Bundle is just £995 (instead of £1455.00). Effectively you’re saving yourself 1/3.

How to get started

I have capacity to work on just two Client Warm-Up Bundles each month – to ensure I can devote the dedicated time to your project that it deserves. To recap, for your £995 investment you’ll get ALL the following:

  1. Your two-hour What’s Your Message? consultation
  2. Copy for your lead magnet
  3. Copy for your lead magnet opt-in page
  4. An in-depth blog post to position your lead magnet
  5. Your ‘Know, Like, Trust’ email sequence
  6. Your ‘Next Steps’ email sequence
  7. Your ‘Next Steps’ sales page

Total value = £1455. Your investment just £995.

For every day you don’t have this system live and working on your website, you’re missing out on sales, connections, and warm leads. So if writing is not your thing and you want someone else to get all those great content ideas out of your head, onto paper, and building value for your business and your brand, let me help.

It’s easy to express your interest. Simply send an email to with the subject line ‘Client Warm-Up’. Please include your best contact number and I’ll give you a quick call so we can have an informal chat about whether this service is right for you. You won’t be under any pressure to say yes. I only want to work with people who want to work with me (and who I genuinely believe I can help).

If we agree that we’re a good match, we’ll book a time for your two-hour ‘What’s your Message’ session.

You’ll be asked to pay a 50% deposit upfront and the rest will be due on completion of your project. My aim is to turn around your project within two weeks from the date of your What’s Your Message session. So it won’t be long before you have this content asset adding value to your business.

One more thing… You’ll also benefit from my ‘write til it’s right’ guarantee.

This means unlimited edits at no extra cost (unless you wildly change the scope of the project). What’s more, if you’re really not happy with my work then there’s ZERO charge. I can’t be fairer that that.

Remember… The Client Warm-Up Bundle costs just £995.

This content bundle is an easy way for you to add a bank of bespoke, high-quality, personality rich content into your business. Once in place, you can begin to grow your list, build your ‘know, like, trust factor’, and give your audience the confidence they need to realise they should be working with YOU.

To get started simply email or call 01752 907 112 and let’s have an informal chat about how this bundle could work for you. I’m excited for you :-)

Testimonial from Adele Sweet