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When you strip it all away, people buy people… it’s as simple as that. And in this age of free information and attention overload, having personality and a presence that can cut through the noise and demand the right attention is of HUGE value.

It’s the age of the Personal Brand…

As a result, WHO YOU ARE is just as important as WHAT YOU KNOW – perhaps even more so. It’s not enough to drone on about what you do. When your audience is deciding who to tune into (and who to switch off), personality and presence is a big determining factor – even if you’re not aware of it.

And this is why your content is so darn important.

No doubt you’re familiar with the idea of creating blogs and articles and other bits and bobs to add value and help your audience. They’re great conversation starters, help you drive organic traffic, and help your audience to find answers to the challenges that hold them back.

But if you really want to cut it, you also need to allow your audience to get to know YOU though your content.

Let me explain…

Your audience must know, like, and trust you – before they’ll buy

It’s very rare that your audience will buy something on their first encounter with you. It’s against their instincts! Sure, an individual may be ready to take a freebie, but before they’ll make a big investment they’ll want to be sure that you’re the real deal. They’ll want to feel that you’re the right solution and that you can genuinely help.

I often tell my kids not to worry if they clash with another child. The hard truth is that not everyone is going to like you. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all different and we all connect with different sorts of people. That’s just human nature.

And it’s the same in business… you may be super skilled and experienced at what you do – but if your prospective client doesn’t feel a rapport with you, it’s just not going to work.

And that’s the power of showing up as the authentic you in your content.

People get a feel for what you’re like to be around – and it will help them decide whether or not they want to buy.

In other words, content isn’t just about helping your audience with ideas, insights, and knowledge… it’s also about sharing you – your style, your approach, your ‘way’. It’s about communicating your personality because people buy from people (remember?)

Authentic copy will help you attract the right audience

So if you want to attract a flow of perfect customers, you need to get the right message and your authentic voice ‘out there’.

This is reason alone to invest in the creation of regular blogs, PDFs, lead magnets, emails, eBooks, webinars, etc. In short, you need to add to your bank of useful, relevant, and interesting content continually.

That way you can attract the attention of your perfect customer, ramp up your online profile, build that all-important ‘likeability factor’, and gradually become the ‘go-to’ expert that your perfect audience wants to work with.

Call it universal laws if you like, but somehow when you show up in the right way, the perfect people appear.

But… (There’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there!)

I know theory is helpful and I’m sure you’re in agreement with the need for more top-notch content and getting your message ‘out there’ on a consistent basis!

The struggle is we don’t always do what our business needs and we have very good reasons too. Lack of time, lack of clarity, and lack of skill/knowledge are three of the biggies – especially when it comes to content creation. After all:

  • It can take an age to craft something that does your skill, personality, and audience justice
  • When you’re already overwhelmed, knowing what to write can stump you
  • And if writing is not a core skill, the blank page and blinking curser can push you over the edge!

So if you’re faffing with your own content and getting nowhere fast, let me invite you to explore an alternative that might just be right up your street.

You don’t have to write a word of copy yourself to share your authentic message

My brand new Content Manager Service is open to just two well-matched business owners. This is an opportunity to work – in partnership – with a highly skilled, experienced copywriter (that’s me!) who can get under the skin of your message and write authentic, personality-rich content in YOUR VOICE.

Through this premium service, you’ll get the high-quality, personality rich content you need to grow your business – without having to write a word of copy yourself.

And the best bit?

You (and your customers) will feel as though every word was written by you.

Here’s how my Content Manager Service works

It’s simple really … in return for a monthly fee, you get my focused attention on your business along with the top-notch content you need to get your message ‘out there’ with precision, personality, and for profit.

We’ll kick-start each month by spending a day together (I’ll come to you unless you fancy a day out in Devon).

During this intensive face-to-face session we’ll use the Pioneer Compass (my signature content creation process) to reflect on:

  • Your PEOPLE (that’s your perfect WHO)
  • Your PATH (what you want content to achieve for your business)
  • Your content PLAN (what content your business needs in the next month).


Whilst your content plan will be tailored to you, it’s likely to be a mix of the following:

  1. FREE CONTENT (such as blogs and articles) designed to AWAKEN your audience and attract the attention of your perfect WHO
  2. CAPTURE CONTENT crafted to invite your perfect customers to share their contact details with you
  3. NEXT STEP CONTENT for example, an autoresponder sequence to encourage the people who downloaded your lead magnet to take the next step
  4. UPSELL CONTENT  such as email or descriptive sales pages that entice your customers to buy more
  5. NURTURE CONTENT (such as regular emails) to stay in touch, build relationships, and keep your products and services front of mind

But that’s not all… You’ll also get:

  • Priority access to me: I’ll give you my mobile number and we can hook up on Messenger. In short, you can ring me if you have an idea, want some feedback, or need to clarify your thoughts.
  • Weekly catch-ups: Once a week we’ll have a quick fifteen minute chat where you can share what’s been happening so I can weave real-life stories, anecdotes, and insights into your content.
  • Free workbooks: To help you increase your content marketing knowledge

In short, if you invest in my Content Manager Service I’ll do everything I can to ensure you get the results you want. And of course, all content creation is covered by my “won’t stop till you’re happy” guarantee :-)

Remember, this is a partnership…

To ensure my Content Manager Clients get the very best of me, I’ve only got capacity to work with two people.

And I won’t take on just anyone. I love my work and getting great feedback and results is super important to me and so I plan to be picky. This means if you want to pass content creation over to someone and be done with it, it’s unlikely we’ll be a good match. For me, content marketing isn’t just about getting ‘stuff’ out there, it’s about carefully expressing your expert message – for maximum impact.

In comparison, if you enjoy exploring ideas and strategies for showing up, you want to share your expert knowledge to help others, and you passionately know that your message can make a difference, I’ll be right by your side helping you to get clarity of what to say – and helping you share your true, authentic message for impact.

I LOVE content and I’m passionate about writing the good stuff

It pains me to see really smart business owners undermining their voice by publishing stuff that isn’t them – or even worse, swiping and deploying someone else’s stuff. If you care then I care. It’s that simple.

I firmly believe that personality rich content is a huge differentiator. It’s the one marketing thingy that no one else can copy – it’s the secret rapport-building ingredient that can draw your perfect customer close and ready to buy.

That’s why content mustn’t be begrudgingly tagged onto your to-do list.

Instead, it needs focused attention – and a lot of love – to help you build a strong footprint (both on and offline).

So while I’ll do 99.9% of the leg work for you, you still need to be involved – and I want you to be involved.

As the custodian of your written message, I don’t want to be making stuff up!

And that’s why I’ll want to speak with you and gather your input and ideas on a regular basis. I want to know what’s happening in your world, so I can reflect this in your content and I want to fine-tune my delivery of your voice.

What’s your investment?

As you can imagine, this service isn’t cheap. As a Content Manager client I’m going to spend one day a month with you in your office planning and implementing – as well as time back home crafting bespoke, on-message content exclusively for you. You’re going to get my focused attention, time in my head, and a lot of message love – I’m here to do my best work for you.

To recap, your investment includes:

1.  A monthly content intensive – I’ll come to you (unless you fancy a day out in gorgeous Devon). We’ll use this time to review the previous month, plan the next month’s strategy, and review your core message – to ensure it’s still on brand. I’ll take you out for lunch (your choice) and I’ll start crafting your bespoke copy before I leave for the day. It goes without saying that I’m a great writer, but I also have the lack for getting to the heart of a message. I’m intuitive, a great listener and have the ability to ask the right questions. So a bit part of us meeting face-to-face is so we can have those in-depth conversations that will make your message great.

2.  All the bespoke content you need –  Once back in Devon, I’ll schedule time to craft the content we decide your business needs for the coming month. This will be a bespoke selection and is likely to include blogs, emails, and other bits and pieces.

3.  Ad hoc support/consultancy – as a Content Manager client you’ll have my mobile number and unrivalled access to me. Your work is my top priority

Give me the numbers, Georgina

Now in terms of price, I could do a whole build up thing here (and I probably should), but if I’m honest I hate all that manipulative marketing malarky. Don’t get me wrong, I know all the tricks such as hiking up the price and artificially discounting it or adding on bonuses that you’ve already factored in, but I just don’t feel comfortable trying to sell you a fake offer. I’d rather just tell you straight.

So here it is…


Your investment to work intensively, and one-to-one with me is £1695 per month.

I believe this is a fair price for the love, care, and attention I’ll invest into your business each month and this includes the cost of me coming to you, providing ad hoc support, and crafting your content so your audience will be in no doubt as to who you are and how you help.

Just imagine…

With me at your side there will be more stumbling over the blank page. No more frustration because a competitor (who publishes more content) is claiming your space. No more missed opportunities because the right people will understand what you do (and why you do it).

Instead you’ll watch your profile build over time as you stake your rightful claim over your niche, build your personal brand, nurture profitable relationships, and build that all-important message momentum.

It’s really easy to get started

If you’re looking to ramp up your content creation and you want to work in partnership with a highly skilled writer who’ll care about your message (probably as much as you) and can write in YOUR voice, then let’s chat.

Remember, I only work with two Content Manager Clients a month so if you think this service could be a good match, please fill out the quick application form below (it helps if I know a little more about you). Then we can arrange a time to have a no-strings chat so we can find out a little more about each other. 

I’m not into the hard sell so do’t worry about feeling under pressure if we talk. You have to feel that this investment is right for you. But don’t do nothing. Your message and your voice is far too important to waste any more time.

So complete that quick application form now and take the first step to ramping your your message. I’m excited for you.


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