Bespoke VIP Content Series Kick-Starter

For smart business owners who want to claim their niche, grow their list, and find more customers

Autoresponder sequences are fantastic for communicating with your customers, warming up leads, and keeping your business top of mind.

But what do you do if you want to create a content series and don’t have a clue WHAT to write?

If that sounds like you, my new Kick-Starter service will help.

Here’s what you can expect…

Work with me on a VIP, 121 basis and we’ll get your top-notch, 30-day content sequence NAILED.

But this is no ordinary sequence…

Sure, autoresponders can be used as a follow-up to your lead bait – but that’s not the only way you can implement them.

In fact, well designed autoresponders can also be used as lead bait in their own right, especially if they are put together to help you build your list, sell a trip wire, or nurture prospects to become customers (for example). That’s because a 30-day content series can be used to inform your prospects, raise your profile, and build your reputation as an expert in your niche.

Could you do with some of that for your business?

If so, the good news is I have FIVE spaces available for my brand new VIP Autoresponder kick-starter. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest:

1.  The Fact-finder Quest

We’ll start off with a chat via Skype (or face-to-face if you fancy a trip to Devon) to get crystal clear on your objectives for your 30-day series. I’ll ask lots of probing questions, listen intensely and together we’ll get at all the hidden stuff your audience needs to know to WANT to buy from you. We’ll also conduct an audit of your existing content, and agree the type of content needed to attract the attention of your target customer.

Your fact-finder session will require you to dig deep, answer some challenging questions, and really get to the essence of who you are in your business, what problems you fix and who you are best placed to help. The ideas and insights you gain from this session alone will prove useful in your wider business too. I promise you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

2. Your Customer Compass

Next, I’ll sift through and organise all the content from our Fact-Finder Quest to create your Customer Compass. This is a detailed overview of the thought changing journey you need to take your audience though to encourage them to take action at the end of the 30 days (or even before). Your compass will identify key milestones, the key beliefs that you need to instil, and objections you need to overcome. The insights you’ll gain into your customer’s thought processes will transform how you approach your future marketing.

3. Your Customer Map

Finally, you’ll receive your bespoke 30-day content map. This document will contain a detailed, day-by-day content plan that will give you a solid springboard from which to write your own content. All the hard work and thinking will be done for you. I’ll tell you in which format you need to present the content (for example, a blog, an email, a social share, a video), along with high level bullet points outlining what you need to say. All you need to do is flesh it out with your business knowledge. Sorted.

Why you should invest in this product

The internet has changed how consumers make buying decisions. In the past, customers would make a phone call or visit a shop to ask questions and get the advice needed to make a buying decision. Now, with the huge availability of information online, you need to think like a publisher if you want to succeed. As a result, it’s super smart to invest in the creation of high quality content that engages customers, positions you as an expert, and ensures you are perceived as the go-to person.

Invest in this content series and you’ll have a wealth of content collateral to use and even repurpose in your business. You see, whilst your 30-day series will be interconnected, each piece will also stand alone – giving you stacks of flexibility to mix it up and use again and again.

What does this VIP service cost?

Do not under-estimate the amount of time that goes into creating an autoresponder of this quality.

Remember, there are no templates here – each campaign will be entirely unique and crafted specifically for you and your business. That’s why I spend so long at the fact-finder stage. I want to get under the skin of your business and your customers so you get the insights needed to create a campaign that works. This service is not for everyone, but if you’re keen to create a high-quality campaign that really understands your target customer’s needs, pains, and desires, then this is for you.

The standard service costs £650 and includes:

  1. The Fact-Finder Quest
  2. Your Customer Compass
  3. Your Customer Map

With these three elements in place you’ll have everything you need to create your own content and get it out there.

And if content creation is not your thing, you can take advantage of the premium service. This includes all of the above PLUS every single bit of content that you need written for you by me. The cost of the premium service will vary for each sequence and I can quote you upon completion of your Customer Map.

Are you in?

If you’d like to book a VIP Kick-Starter service simply email with your phone number. We’ll arrange a date for your Fact-Finder Quest and get your content series underway.

I can’t wait to work with you :-)

“LOVE this. Georgina you’re a star and the 30 day campaign you have mapped out for me is fabulous. Saved me no end of pain having to dig through content and map it all out. Genius.” 
Dee Woodward – ByDeesign