Here’s An Easy Way To Create A Customer Avatar For Your Business

AvatarsHands up who wants to:

  • Massively increase their conversion rates
  • Attract more of their “best” customers
  • Create advertising that actually works by generating an impressive return on your investment?

If so read on because I’m about to reveal a highly effective, yet easy to use marketing tool that could seriously revolutionise how you approach your marketing.

It’s time to create a customer avatar for your business

A customer avatar is simply a detailed profile of your target customer. Once you’ve got one you can use it to do things like:

  1. Market to and own a niche where you become “the one to go to”
  2. Hone your marketing message so it appeals to a specific someone as opposed to a generic everyone.
  3. Increase conversion rates because you’ll be able to say the sorts of things that will encourage your target customer to take action
  4. Attract more of the right customer because the “wrong” people won’t be attracted by your message
  5. Avoid spending money on marketing that just doesn’t work

It’s relatively easy to create a customer avatar. It simply involves completing a template of detailed information to profile your best customer. And if you read on, you’ll discover a link at the end of this post where you can download the template I use with my own customers. What’s more it’s free :-)

But I don’t need an avatar because my business appeals to everyone…


Let me tell you that unless you genuinely are a mass market business, this simply isn’t true.  And here’s the evidence. You see, if you take a closer look at your customer base, you’ll discover there’s a core of people who:

  • Spend more
  • Give you repeat business
  • Upgrade to your premium products / services
  • Generate a large percentage of your profit (and don’t barter with you on price)
  • Give you great feedback
  • Are great to work with
  • AND best of all, they refer you to their friends, say nice things about you on social media and help market your business via word of mouth.

What’s more, if you look even closer, these people will often have common demographics, values and motivational drivers.

Then compare this with other customers on your books who only buy once, are more demanding and make you feel uncomfortable or unsettled. I bet you’ll find these people don’t share the same profile as your core group!

So whilst your business could theoretically serve anyone, which group would you most like to work with on a consistent basis?

Focus ALL your attention on attracting the right people

With a detailed customer avatar in your business toolbox you’ll be in the minority. That’s because most business owners will not make the effort. And as a result you get to work a brilliant competitive advantage.

That’s because instead of creating advertising that is forgettable, generic and blends in with what everyone else is saying, you can tightly tailor your message to your ideal customer. For example:

  • Creatively use the language your customers use
  • Closely address their buying objections
  • Design the sort of offer you know your avatar will respond to
  • Filter out the sort of person you’d rather not work with etc.

In addition, instead of guessing the most effective marketing media, or simply using the format that everyone else is trying, you can choose the method you know your target customers are most likely to look at.

And as a result you’ll increase your conversion rate, attract more of the right customer AND avoid burning money on advertising that simply doesn’t work.

Cool right :-)

Then download your FREE customer avatar template now :-)

Please don’t miss this opportunity to seriously improve your business marketing. Instead download your free template now and use it to work on your customer avatar. Just click here.

Then once finished, give your avatar a name. Even better find an image that best represents the person you’ve described. Next pin your avatar up somewhere prominent in your working space as a constant reminder of who’s the right who for you.

Then every time you:

  • Write a blog post
  • Work on some new copy
  • Develop a new product or service etc.

Make the effort to get into the shoes of this person and visualise their perspective. What do they need to know? What could they struggle to understand? What objections might they have? etc.

And the result? The chances of your words hitting home will increase…

And what impact could that have on your bottom line?

Now that’s something to think about…

P.S: Download your free template NOW. Just click here. It’s free :-)

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  1. says

    Thanks for the info – once I released the worry of not having enough people to serve if I ‘only’ served one niche, I now am able to spend my time on the right people. What a difference and a freedom. Makes business SO much simpler.

    • says

      Hi Sheena, that’s a very common fear – but it’s often unnecessary when you realise the number of people out there you could help – if only you targeted them more tightly. I strongly believe there are people who I can best serve. And like others, I’ve had some not such good experiences when customers have not been a good match. It’s well worth getting clear on who you want to work with because that makes what you do all that more enjoyable.

  2. says

    Brilliant! I originally heard about how to develop the avatar from John Jantsch’s book “Duct Tape Marketing” which I definitely recommend.

    Your template definitely helps to streamline the process! Thanks!

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