How To Boost Your Sales With A Proven, Low-Cost Marketing Strategy

Do you need to maximise your reach to new customers, but keep marketing costs down?

Perhaps you have a new service or offer to promote, or you simply want to create more business leads.

If so, a leaflet could be the perfect marketing solution.

Sound old fashioned? Think again…

A tried-and-tested marketing medium that works

Print is anything but dead. On the contrary, print media still has a higher perceived value than digital media and its tangibility means it has a much longer shelf life.

As such, you’ll find that leaflets are not only eye-catching, but a great way to explain a specific product, service or offer. By their very nature leaflets are also super direct – literally landing right on your potential customers’ doorstep!

And there’s more…

Inexpensive to produce and distribute, leaflets are the ideal marketing material for small businesses with local, or geographically specific, target customers.

But the key to exploiting the full potential of leaflets – and ultimately generating sales for your business – lies in filling them with the right words.


Of course, conjuring up a brilliant leaflet can be hard when marketing is not your core area of expertise, yet you may not have the budget to outsource the job to an agency or a professional copywriter.

If so, here’s some good news…

You see, there’s another, far more economical way to get help – right now!

I’ve condensed my many years of copywriting experience into a step by step, 44-page printed workbook that takes you through the whole process of writing compelling content for your leaflets.

How to Write A Leaflet That Sells is your DIY guide to creating engaging copy that results in a truly effective marketing leaflet.

At just £35 (+£3 P&P), this kit could save you hours of work because it will channel your thinking very carefully, before you even set pen to paper (or the digital equivalent!). In fact, this comprehensive kit not only explains how to write a compelling leaflet, it provides a mine of helpful tips about how to write the right words for your business generally too.

Here’s what’s inside: 

  1. Contents on How To Write A Leaflet That SellsA full-colour, 44-page workbook (it’s printed – not a digital version) that guides you step by step through the process of writing a leaflet that sells
  2. Action Pads to help guide your thinking and put theory into practice
  3. An easy peasy leaflet template detailing the essential written elements you need to include in your leaflet
  4. Editing advice to help increase the effectiveness of your leaflet
  5. A 21-step checklist to help ensure you have every angle covered

Using a series of Action Pads, I’ll take you through the practical process of how to shape your thinking so that you become clear about what you need to say to entice your target customer to take action.

The kit even provides an easy to use leaflet template, and editing advice so that you can polish your leaflet so it shines!

In fact, this comprehensive guide can help you write your own compelling leaflet copy – without having to pay a professional to do it for you.

Still unsure? Perhaps you’ve used leaflets in the past without success?

This doesn’t mean to say the tactic of using leaflets can’t work for your business, but it does mean to say that a leaflet needs to be spot on.

For starters (and to give a taster of the tips in the kit):

  • Your leaflet needs to get its message across – straight away – through a headline that demands attention
  • You need to focus on the benefits – not features of your product/service so that you can overcome the ‘so what?’ factor and help your reader see what’s in it for them
  • You need a compelling offer and a deadline to spur your reader to act
  • And remember to include a clear and specific call to action to ensure your reader knows exactly what they need to take advantage of your offer. Remember, everything needs to be obvious. If you want the customer to call, you need to ask!

Ok, so these are some top-line tips, but, as you can imagine, there’s a process to go through before you even get to the point where you can think about headlines and text details. The kit will help you every step of the way.

100513_Georginas web photos_2623 cropLet me remove the headache of starting your leaflet from scratch!

Invest in your DIY leaflet writing kit today and I promise it will help you create an effective marketing tool. Not only that it will be an enjoyable process too!

To get started, just check out with Paypal using the  ‘buy now’ button below and I’ll get your copy sent to you by first class post.

What other business owners say about How To Write A Leaflet That Sells

My new business,, has just launched and we want a really compelling leaflet that stands out to promote it… now I have the perfect tool, a step by step process and brilliant workbook. Thank you so much.
Noel Guilford

I thought the guide was well laid out, making it user friendly for people who are new to leaflet writing and time short, as so many of us working in our own small businesses are.  A step-by-step approach is great as it provides you will a bit of a ‘checklist’, especially relevant for people new to the whole idea of marketing in this way.  I love the space to take notes, answer questions and consider how to use it in my own business too.  I will certainly be referring to the guide as we write and design our own leaflets for marketing campaigns.

Emma Taylor – Rockpool Cleaning