Discover A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Your Own Leaflet

If you want to create a leaflet to promote a new service, advertise your latest offer, drive offline traffic online, or attract fresh leads into your business, How To Write A Leaflet That Sells can help.

Contents on How To Write A Leaflet That Sells

You see while leaflets are a highly effective advertising medium, if you get your angle and your words wrong, they’re just going to hit the recycle bin. So don’t waste your budget printing leaflets that won’t work. Instead, take the time NOW to ensure your words hit the mark.

IMG_2328Hi, I’m Georgina El Morshdy. Copywriter, content strategist, and content creator at Gem Writing. Over the years I’ve helped lots of businesses create effective copy – and I’d love to help you too.

How To Write A Leaflet That Sells is a comprehensive, printed workbook that takes you step by step through the thought process needed to create compelling copy for your next leaflet campaign.

Inside these chocablock pages I reveal the thought process I use when creating copy.

Here’s what you’ll discover

  1. The six steps to writing an effective leaflet
  2. The questions you need to answer before you can find the right angle
  3. How to get into the head of the type of people you want to read your leaflet
  4. How to get clear on why your perfect customer would buy your product/service
  5. What you need to say to drive a great response

In short, the thought-provoking questions included in this kit will help you pick the right words – and that in turn will help drive the performance of your next leaflet campaign.

Just to be clear… the secret to great copy lies in the preparation and the thinking that happens before you write a single word. SO if you’re rushing words up and hoping for the best – you’re going to get disappointed! In comparison, if you take time out to think, reflect, and sort through your thoughts and ideas, then likelihood of creating something good increases. 

So with this step by step guide in your hand, you’ll be forced to look at your offer in a depth that you’ve previously overlooked. And the payoff? It’s very possible you’ll discover fresh insights into your product/service – even write about what you’ve got in an entirely new way.

You could say that owning this guide is a little like working alongside a highly experienced copywriter – without the four-figure price tag.

Here’s the full scoop of what you get


  1. This 44-page workbook is in full-colur and printed on very nice paper (I have a thing about paper!) Remember, this is a printed guide, not some digital thingy so you won’t have to waste your paper and you can pop it onto your bookshelf so it’s ready and waiting for when inspiration hits. Oh, and the images above represent the actual content.
  2. An easy to follow, step by step walk through the six stages of writing a compelling leaflet.
  3. Infographics that illustrate the six steps to a compelling leaflet as well as the eight components, which make the difference between a success and a flop
  4. Action Pads will help guide your thinking and put theory into practice. With plenty of space to capture your thoughts and job down ideas, you’ll feel confident you’ve done the thinking that will lead to a great leaflet
  5. An easy peasy leaflet template detailing the essential written elements you need to include in your leaflet
  6. Editing advice to help increase the effectiveness of your leaflet. Your first draft is just the start – the magic happens when you start to tweak and edit
  7. A 21-step checklist for you to tick off and double check you’ve covered all the elements

Get ready to write your own leaflets with confidence

IMG_2309Your comprehensive, ‘write your own’ leaflet kit costs just £35 (+£3 P&P).

This small investment could save endless hours of hard work and an untold amount of wasted marketing budget. So if you’re serious about crafting leaflets that get your target customers to sit up and engage with your message, invest in this kit now.

It’s easy to do, simply grab your copy via PayPal by clicking the ‘buy now’ button below. Once you’ve done that I’ll send your copy by 1st class post.

You won’t regret it :-)

What other business owners say about How To Write A Leaflet That Sells

“My new business,, has just launched and we want a really compelling leaflet that stands out to promote it… now I have the perfect tool, a step by step process and brilliant workbook. Thank you so much.”
Noel Guilford

“I thought the guide was well laid out, making it user friendly for people who are new to leaflet writing and time short, as so many of us working in our own small businesses are.  A step-by-step approach is great as it provides you will a bit of a ‘checklist’, especially relevant for people new to the whole idea of marketing in this way.  I love the space to take notes, answer questions and consider how to use it in my own business too.  I will certainly be referring to the guide as we write and design our own leaflets for marketing campaigns.”

Emma  Taylor – Rockpool Cleaning