Expedition Inbox – Done-For-You Email Marketing Content

It’s true. “The money IS in your list” – but only if you nurture it.

This means your list will gather dust unless you create regular email content that:

  • Tells your stories
  • Asks for a sale
  • Nudges the next step
  • Builds your ‘know, like, trust factor’
  • Raises your profile (And build your personal brand)
  • Adds value to your audience

And that’s why I created Expedition Inbox – to ensure all the time and money you’ve spent collecting contact details won’t be for nothing.

Let me explain…

Does the blank page stump you?

I hear you!

If writing isn’t your thing, then the mere thought of sitting at your computer will drain your energy. Worst still, if you’re clueless as to what to write, you’ll easily waste hours staring at the cursor as you will your fingers to type.

It’s crazy! Why waste your precious time and energy on important activities that don’t come naturally – when you could drive profits by focusing your attention elsewhere?

It’s time to let me write FOR you…

It’s NOT cheating

Now I know some business owners feel a tad uncomfortable allowing someone else to write their message. But you shouldn’t if you work with me. That’s because I work in partnership with my Expedition Inbox clients. 

I’m not suggesting you farm out the important business of crafting emails to anybody. Instead, I’m offering you the chance to work with a highly skilled copywriter who’s committed to sharing your message (and your stories) in your voice. 

It’s a subtle, but important difference. Sure you can get a writer for half what I’ll charge you, but you may not get the words you want. And if you’re serious about growing your business, your brand, and your profile with email then the words you send MUST sound as though they were written by you.

If they don’t, then your audience is going to connect with someone who doesn’t exist!

And that’s why the Expedition Inbox process starts with a proper, in-depth, one-to-one chat.

You see, the skill of crafting emails that get read isn’t just about choosing the right topic or subject line – it’s about WHO sends them.

In this age of personal brands, WHO YOU ARE is just as important as what you know. And that’s why I’m interested in YOU. If I am to write as you, I need to know:

  • Your WHY – what drives and motivates you
  • Your stories – these are essential if your audience is to connect with you
  • Your voice – the things you say, the phrases you use, and the distinctive personality that makes you you
  • Your purpose: What results and opportunities do you create for your customers
  • Your values: What’s important to you

Once I understand your core message – then we can chat about your audience and get clear on the subjects and topics which will draw them closer into your world.

But before that, we need to focus on you.

How Often Should I email?

Great question… Many business owners worry about emailing their list too often, but this will rarely be the case.

Sure if you constantly fire off hard sell emails that give negligible value, you shouldn’t be surprised to see your unsubscribes go through the roof! But if your email content is genuinely useful – even entertaining –  then subscribers will WANT to consume your content.

And the more you show up – the more value you can add to the conversation.

That’s why Expedition Inbox is about building an audience:

  • You want to increase your ‘know, like, trust factor’
  • You want your audience to look out for your emails in their inbox – because they know your content is worth reading
  • You want to build momentum and your presence – over time

So don’t expect to get results if you email once in a blue moon. Your list will forget you. You won’t be relevant because they would have long since moved on to a different authority.

Instead email once a week – preferably more – and ramp up the conversation you have with your perfect audience inside their inbox.

What should I write about?

There are at least seven different types of emails that you can send to your list to build your business. 

Remember, emails marketing is about much more than sales. With the right content you can:

  • Establish your authority in your niche
  • Drive more clicks to your website
  • Boost engagement with people who could become customers
  • Promote a new product or service
  • Build your personal brand 
  • Share your story

The key is to build a relationship with your list whereby your audience WANTS to consume your content – because they like your style, value the information you share, and are hungry for more of the same.

Trust me – you have PLENTY to talk about! Once we unlock the potential in your message, you’ll have a stream of topic ideas, which together we can put to work.

What your investment in Expedition Inbox?

When looking at the cost of Expedition Inbox, I encourage you to consider the following:

  • How much time you currently spend crafting emails – and what could you gain if this was invested elsewhere?
  • What profits have you missed out on because you’ve not been in regular contact with your list?
  • What opportunities will open up if you keep in touch with your growing list – in the right way?

As you can see, Expedition Inbox could be a huge opportunity for the right business owners…

Send more emails and pay less!

Your monthly investment in email content will depend on how frequently you wish to communicate with your list. I know you’ll get more benefit from frequent communication and so I’ve priced Expedition Inbox to incentivise you to send more emails!

  • Once a week: £300 (£75 per email)
  • Twice a week: £560 (£70 per email)
  • Three times a week: £520 (£65 per email)
  • Four times a week: £720 (£60 per email)
  • Five times a week:£880 (£55 per email)

But that’s not all…

Monthly strategy call worth £195 included in ALL packages

In addition to high-quality email content crafted exclusively for you (in YOUR voice), you’ll also receive A monthly strategy call. We’ll use this high-energy, one-hour Skype session to:

  • Discuss story ideas for the upcoming month
  • Ensure your emails align with your focus for the month
  • Review progress

PLUS – all email content will be professionally proofread AND you benefit from my ‘write til it’s right’ guarantee. This means you can make unlimited edits (unless you totally change the scope of what we’ve agreed). And if you’re really not happy with the final piece of copy, there’s no charge.

Ready to get started?

It’s easy to get a top-quality writer working in partnership with you. Simply complete the simple application form below, give me a call on 01752 907 112, or email georgina@gemwriting.co.uk.

I have space to work with just FOUR Operation Inbox clients a month. So if you’re interested, simply get in touch today – before your competitors do.

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