Here’s What’s Missing From Your Content…

unleash your personality -VTI’m a huge advocate of content marketing because it works.

Whether you want to boost your profile, attract new customers, or sell info products, strategic content has the potential transform your business.

As people turn online to satisfy their knowledge quest, the businesses and experts who share information that inspires and informs their prospect’s sales journey can enjoy great results.

BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there!)

To succeed with content, you can’t just create stuff… 

It’s no longer enough to craft ‘really good content’ and expect great results. Quality has to be a given – or you just become a content farm.

Instead you need to figure out how to awaken your audience and get the right attention on your content?

But this goal can be a struggle…

With so much exceptional online content, your customers face overwhelm. They can’t listen to everyone who can help. Instead they’ve got to be selective.

This means people consciously (or subconsciously) tune into the businesses and people who they feel drawn to – and switch off anything else.

So you see… its not easy to attract profitable attention – even if you’re really hot at what you do.

It’s not enough to share your knowledge… instead you need to think about the way you talk about what you know.

Let me explain…

Build your ‘Know, Like, Trust factor’

Know, like, trustAs humans, we’re more likely to listen to people we perceive to have authority, likeability, and credibility.

So if you want to create content that gets results, you have to focus on crafting your positioning – as well as sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Fact is most people earn this ‘know, like, trust factor’ by accident.

As a result of showing up on and offline, of course you will develop ‘a presence’ – but is this positioning enough to achieve the results you desire?

Often it’s not.

Instead, you need to build your profile proactively. 

Specifically, you need to decide what you want people to think and feel when they encounter you.

And this is where your content can have a massive impact.

Unleash your personality and build your likeability

It’s for this reason I believe your content needs to be infused with your personality.

In short, allow your content to give your audience a sense of the real, authentic you.

Don’t fake it and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Instead let the best of you show up, and stamp your personality all over your words.

You’ll find huge benefit in this approach.

Firstly, you won’t disappoint your audience – because they’re connecting with the real you. Have you ever felt let down when someone you respected turned out to be someone entirely different?

Secondly, your target audience will find your unique voice engaging. Not only will you sound different from everyone else, but you’ll avoid the robotic, faceless, boring voices that you hear in so much online content.

It’s such a turn-off, don’t you think!

But don’t make this mistake

IMG_2312Now please don’t misunderstand me here…

I’m not saying that suddenly your content should be all about you. Do that and you’ll bore your audience and they’ll switch off.

Instead, consider how your personality impacts your delivery.

Think for a moment about the people who captivate and draw you in with their voice and their personality? You too can achieve that with your written content. You can get people hooked because of who you are AND what you know.

You just have to show up in the right way…

So how can you do this in practice?

Let me share some tips…

How to reveal your personality in your content

Firstly, write conversationally. Don’t censor yourself and adopt this weird alien head when you sit down to write. I know some people get all ‘corporatey’ and start using posh words and jargon because they think that’s what will impress. If that isn’t your style, you don’t need to go there because it just stinks of fakeness. What’s more you’ll do yourself a disservice – because you’re stifling the real you.

Instead use the words and phrases that you say in your day-to-day life. Just write as you speak and you’re halfway there. 

Another easy-to-use tactic is to weave stories and anecdotes from your everyday life into your content. This tactic works especially well in emails where your communication is that little bit more personal. But it can work well in blogs and other content too. That’s because your personal stories give a unique context and flavour to your message

How to never feel at a loss of what to say again

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what you could share from your everyday life to inject personality into your content and start consciously shaping your know, like, trust factor, then I’ve got you covered!

I’ve created a free PDF tool – just for you – which you can download, print out, and pin up.

This PDF is chock-full of 99 Writing Prompts for Creating Personality-Rich Content.

This tool a huge source of inspiration designed to stimulate your thinking, reveal how your life is full of stories, and help you feel confident and comfortable sharing more you in your content.

Remember… You don’t need the world’s biggest vocabulary to paint pictures with words. You already have quite a few in your arsenal, and all you need is a trigger to remember them.

Download your 99 Writing Prompts Now

ebook-ipad-99wpFor immediate access to this free resource simply opt-in and download your PDF tool.

I’ll send it direct to your inbox – but that’s not all. Once you’re in I’ll send more goodies designed to help you discover your words, craft your message, and express your voice.

You know what you need to do!

Hope it helps :-)

Download 99 writing prompts and discover how to write with personality.

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