The Eight Components of a Highly Effective Leaflet

Do you use leaflets to promote your business?

If so, it’s a smart idea. After all, leaflets can literally get your business (and its message) into the hands of your target customer.

What’s more, because leaflets are tangible, they’re more easily retained than digital alternatives. What’s more, because leaflets are printed, your creativity is less limited.

While leaflets don’t suit all marketing messages, they can be especially effective if you are targeting a specific geographical area. Simply find a reputable distributor and door-drop to the postcodes that you cherry pick.

Alternatively, if your business in non-postcode specific, consider adding your leaflets to your direct mail campaign – even carry a few around when you’re networking as an alternative to a business card.

But whatever you do, make sure you give attention to your words…

Write for attention, to persuade, and to sell

For sure, your leaflets have to look good. ¬†After all, your graphics, photos, fonts, and colour scheme help to attract attention and get your customer’s eyes on your message.

But looks alone aren’t enough.

Your message has to be compelling too – or your reader won’t take the next step.

You have to say the right things, you have to put your offer into a context that makes sense to your customer, and you have to write words that sell.

I’ve found there are EIGHT components, which can make the difference between the failure and success of your leaflet – you’ll discover them on the infographic below.

If you ensure your next leaflet contains these different elements, your response rate could increase.

If you’d like a PDF of this infographic along with a 21-step leaflet checklist, which you can refer to every time you create a leaflet, just click here. I hope it helps. And if you have any questions, just pop them in the comments below.

Here’s to the success of your next leaflet campaign :-)


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