Hire a freelance copywriter? The 5 warning signs it’s time

On my blog I’ve talked a lot about how entrepreneurs and small business owners can improve their writing technique and create their own sales copy. Am I doing myself out of a job? Well no because there are occasions when it makes sense to hand your writing over to a professional freelance copywriter.

Check out these 5:

1. There’s not enough hours in the day 

As you know Google (and readers) love relevant, dynamic websites that deliver a great customer experience. And that means you’re under pressure to delivery awesome content… on a regular basis.

What’s more communicate with customers frequently and your sales will increase. It’s simple mathematics. If you regularly show up, you’ll edge to the head of the pack when a customer is ready to buy.

And that means it makes sense to blog, send out newsletters and issue press releases. But for this content marketing strategy to be effective you’ve got to be publishing on a regular basis.

Which means if you’re already juggling too many hats and lack the hours needed to write the awesome content your business needs, hire a freelance copywriter to handle it for you.

2. You realise writing’s not your thing

Let’s face it. Not everyone was born with a pen in their hands! And it’s ok to hate the blank page and irk at the thought of having to scribe some compelling sales copy. And you know good quality content doesn’t get reeled off in minutes. Instead the writing process takes focus.

There’s the idea generation, the fact finding, the keyword research,the drafting, the re-writes… (phew!)

Good writing takes time, attention and dedication. And as Nathaniel Hawthorne said:

“Easy reading is damn hard writing”

So don’t wrestle with your words. Instead do more of what you do best and shift the things you don’t enjoy to someone who does. Your business will benefit from a professional copywriter because you’ll end up with better words.

3. You’ve got to nail it

There are times when your message is so critical, it’s got to be bang on.

Your blog audience are likely to forgive the odd grammatical error, or questionable description, but when it comes to nailing a sales pitch, cracking your home page or conveying product benefits, a top notch writer will be on the money.

A professional copywriter will attract your reader with a killer heading, help them navigate your copy with a signposted trail then build your message and emphasis key points with the rights words and right tone.

If you’ve got a shred of doubt and feel you can’t deliver – don’t risk it. Speak with a freelance copywriter instead.

4. You need something specific written

You find it pretty straightforward to blog about your passion.

But if you’re looking for something more specialist your blogging style may not work.

Perhaps you need:

  • An expert product to boost your email list like my 7 Steps to Writing Copy That Sells free eBook.
  • To show your authority with an e-course,
  • Some revamped website copy,
  • Hard-hitting direct mail to convert readers into customers.
  • A content rich newsletter to stay in touch with your customers etc.

5. You’re just too close

It sounds strange but being too close to your business can mean you’re not the best person to write about it.

Let me explain.

If you run your own business you can reel off the behind the scenes detail with ease – it’s inevitable considering all the time and sacrifices you’ve made to get where you are. And that’s often the problem. If you know too much you can actually overlook the very things that would interest a customer.

Here are some examples:

  • Pitch your offer wrong by failing to explain the very detail you take for granted.
  • Focus your sales copy on aspects the customer has no interest in.
  • Create marketing copy that turns customers off and fail to do justice to your business.

A freelance copywriter will probe your business with fresh eyes, stand in the shoes of your customer and write words that compel your target market into action.

On these occasions hiring a freelance copywriter will get it nailed on your behalf.

You still hold the reigns…

Does the thought of  handing your marketing message over leave you bathing in a cold sweat?

An understandable reaction…

But here’s the thing. If you hire a professional copywriter you’ll still be very much in charge.

After all you know your target market. You may even have an idea of your niche keywords and you’ll know your business inside out. So instead perceive your talented copywriter as a partner. She’ll work with you to transform your raw information into a powerful marketing message that compels your audience into action.

Over to you. Which of your marketing activities would be better handled by a freelance copywriter? Why not make that decision now and see what difference a finely tuned marketing message makes to your sales strategy.


This is the second instalment in a series of posts called Hire a Freelance Copywriter and Get rid Of Ineffective Sales Copy Once and For All.



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