How to do justice to your business and catch the attention of a BBC Dragon

It’s amazing to run your own business – but it’s also stressful!

There’s so much to think about and do, you often worry if you’ll make it.

But you stay committed and keep seeking tips and ideas to give you an edge.

Here’s my secret to a running and growing a successful micro business…

You need to nail your words.

I truly believe the words you use to promote and talk about your business can make it or break it. In fact, Dragon @TheoPaphitis might also agree! As I’m writing this blog I’ve just discovered I’ve won #sbs with this tweet!

Hi @TheoPaphitis I’m a copywriter who helps ensure busy biz owners don’t screw up their words! AND I love it :-) #sbs
13/05/2012 19:18

Let me explain…

You may have a great product, and your customer service is outstanding,

But if no one knows you exist, your advertising sucks and you fail to capture your audiences’ imagination – you’re in trouble.

Good persuasive writing is an essential business skill

But unfortunately it’s not just about good writing. You’ve also got to:

  • Know what to write.
  • Work out what to include and what to edit.
  • Anticipate the impact of your words to draw the right response.

Top notch writing is hard work. But because it can make the difference between a business failure and a success it’s worth it.

You see, quality writing gives you an edge.

It carries your sales pitch when you’re not there. It gets you noticed amid the noise, and it helps convert prospects into customers.

So don’t procrastinate…

Yes you multi-task and like many entrepreneurs, you’re time starved and struggle to find time to give your words enough attention.

In fact you make excuses and even get complacent!

Stories like: “That will do for now” or “my customers know me – they’re not bothered about my website” can trickle into your subconscious and cause you to neglect the very activity that could transform what you do.

Be warned – If you skimp on your words, you skimp on your business.


  • It’s sensible to expand your customer base and attract fresh eyes to your business.
  • It’s smart to publish fresh content to keep Google happy and satisfy your information hungry audience.
  • It’s wise to put your business across in the best possible way.

And that means you need a word strategy

In fact, make it a priority and build it into your monthly plans.

Your word strategy will cover your back. It ensures you communicate a well prepared, well considered message. It forces you to think about how each word will be interpreted and the impression you’ll leave.

It covers your website copy, advertising, the networking sales pitch, promotional activity…

In fact any occasion you don’t want sound ad hoc and off the hoof.

A good word strategy:

  1. Spreads your message widely in lots of formats.
  2. Includes the right words.
  3. Lets customers know you, like you and fills them with the confidence to do business with you.

Here are five ideas to spread your message 

  1. Create an editorial schedule for your blog.
  2. Revisit your website and identify what needs refreshing.
  3. Draw up a newsletter schedule.
  4. Hone your 30-second elevator pitch.
  5. Identify opportunities to write press releases.

And here’s what the right words look like

  1. They carefully promote the benefits of your business.
  2. They are customer friendly and low on the self-promotion scale.
  3. They get your message heard and understood.
  4. They compel your reader to take action.
  5. They are used to keep in contact and stay on your customer’s radar.
  6. They are interesting, relevant and tell customers things they want to read.
  7. They are spelt right!
  8. They are intuitive and promote your business with integrity.

You work so hard – so make those sacrifices worth it and do your business justice.

In fact, make the decision now to work up your word strategy. And if you want a hand download my free eBook.

How will you use a word strategy to develop your business? I’d love to find out in the comments…


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