How to get customers to like you! 10 ideas that really work

We don’t buy products – we buy people…

And this has serious implications if you run a micro business.

Whether you’re crafting, offering a business support service or selling a product, always remember customers buy from people they know, like and trust.

Let me explain…

If you’re front of house as well as back stage, you need to create a strategy that allows people to like you, AND discover what’s special about your business.

Here are 10 simple ideas to build that strategy.  

  1. Get your words right: Words are so powerful I believe they can determine the fate of any business. Your choice of words can catapult an average product to the best seller list or relegate an outstanding service to the bargain basement. Before you do anything else, make sure the words you use do your business justice. Otherwise you’re selling all that hard work and sacrifices short. Either hire a copywriter or practice and improve your own persuasive writing. My free eBook, 7 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells, is a great resource for micro business owners. It’s packed with no nonsense tips and techniques designed to help you say what you want to say – only better :-)
  2. Be awesome: Have you noticed we instinctively gravitate to mentors, thought leaders and individuals who ooze that special something? So step up. Think about how you want people to perceive you and business. After all, if you’re not confident about what you do, how can you expect customers to be? So surprise the people you meet, deliver more that you promised and give people a reason to advocate you. After all, word of mouth referrals are one of the most effective ways to generate new leads and build your contact list.
  3. Know who you’re talking to: How well do you know your typical client? To get your words right and to be awesome, you’ve got to know them pretty intimately. A vague notion will not enable you to target your message deeply enough. In comparison if you know your typical client is a micro business woman, passionate about her work, striving to make a difference and kept awake at night thinking how to attract more customers, your conversations take on a different direction. The secret is:
    • Invest time studying your customers.
    • Pinpoint how your business meets their needs.
    • Get customers interested by crafting your message so it tells them what they need to hear.
  4. Become an authority: Seek opportunities to build your influence and grow your reputation as an expert. Aim to be “the one to go to”. Blog, answer questions in forums or on Quora, engage in Tweet chats, publish a white paper, agree to interviews, publish an editorial in the local press, run a training course, speak at a event… There are so many possibilities – allow your imagination to take the lead.
  5. Elevator pitch: It’s a cliche but first impressions matter. If you get flustered when asked about your business, rehearse and hone your 30-second elevator pitch so it rolls easily off your tongue. Write it down. Edit it. Tweak it until it clearly showcases how your business benefits customers. Then play with it until you can say it (naturally) with confidence and authority.
  6. Tweet: No doubt I’m talking to the converted but I just love Twitter! I admit I’m an addict but I do have a strategy – otherwise my valuable time would disappear into the Twitter black hole! Harness the power of Twitter to share your message and introduce yourself. But remember the golden rule – make sure you engage in 2-way conversations, ask and answer questions and share top quality, edgy content that is relevant and useful. The hard sell approach is boring and does not work.
  7. Meet face to face: Online networking is brilliant to a point – but you also have to meet people in person. I’m a massive fan of 4Networking. I love the social, informal format and the 10 mins 121 slots are great for really getting to know someone. I attend my local Plymouth meets and in June I’ll be leading a new evening group. If you want to join us, please get in touch!
  8. Guest appearances: Guest posting is a great way to widen your sphere of influence and put your message in front of a new audience. The key to successful guesting is to work out complementary places to appear – then adapt your message so it appeals to the audience of that particular blog / website / group.
  9. Sell with integrity: For sure you need the cash flow to survive, but always allow your customer to stay in control. Give them the freedom to buy when they’re ready, and let them walk away if they’re not. I just love @BobBurg’s take on this. His cracking book The Go-Giver is a fantastic read and I’d highly recommend it.
  10. Nurture long term relationships: Building a successful business is all about contacts and connections. It’s really important to stay on your customer’s radar and consistently show up with quality appearances that add value. I’m a big fan of content marketing. In this internet age where information is freely available, you’re almost expected to provide customers with free quality content that solves problems, informs or entertains. It may be extra work, but it’s an effective way for customers to discover why you’re special.

I think micro businesses have a huge competitive advantage. We’re compact, nimble and adaptable. We can respond almost immediately to customer feedback and we can take snap decisions to benefit our business. You just need to hone your strategy and allow customers to like you.

What’s your opinion? What have I missed? What tool or tip do you swear by that allows customers to like you? Tell me in the comments and let’s learn from each other.

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