Need a professional copywriter? Widen your geographical search

Do you have this problem?

  • You’re a city firm or small business that needs persuasive words to promote your business.
  • You need to track down the right freelance copywriter. That’s someone who “gets” your business and your customers and can translate this understanding into hard-working copy that sells.
    • What’s more you’re really keen to make some cost savings.

Here’s a solution

It’s a fact the right copywriter may not be based in the same city as you…

That’s because thanks to technology like the internet it’s now possible to use a copywriter based anywhere in theUK.

And this puts you in a strong position…

In fact you win on three counts:

  1. You get to choose from a wider pool of freelance writers.
  2. You still get the same high quality work you need to promote your business, and
  3. You save money by paying the cheaper day rates charged elsewhere in theUK.

What’s more distance really doesn’t need to be a barrier to an effective partnership.

After all it’s quick and easy to make decisions over the phone, and you can receive drafts of your copy by email. In fact working with a copywriter from a distance could actually save you time. For example have you noticed how phone conversations are often quicker and more focused than meetings in person?

Gem Writing is your professional freelance copywriter based in Plymouth, Devon.

I write clear, creative, compelling copy for businesses across the UK. What’s more I offer a full range of copywriting services. I live and work in the SW, meaning you’ll get the copy you need without the big city fees. And in these competitive, hard economic times this makes sound business sense.

So next time you need some convincing commercial copy for your business, widen your geographical search and consider hiring Gem Writing.

And if this is the first time you’ve used my services, why not give me a call to discuss my introductory first time rates.

Let’s talk about finding the right words for your business on 07954 580 039.


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