How To Decide What Content You Should Create

IMG_2254Do you want to invest in content that connects with your perfect customer and converts your audience into leads and sales?

I believe content marketing is a super powerful way to nurture profitable relationships with your perfect WHO, build your list, drive your sales journey, and begin to establish yourself as the ‘go-to’ in your niche.

Yes, you can do LOTS of very cool stuff with content (if you create the right stuff, that is).

In fact, I’d be as bold to say that if you’re not ‘content marketing’ and publishing top-notch content, then you’re missing out… big time. 

Fact is, your customers are searching online every day for answers, advice, and ideas.

And here’s where your content fits in…

Know, like, trustIt allows you:

  • Seamlessly enter – even influence – these conversations
  • Build your know, like, trust factor’
  • Position yourself as ‘the one to work with’ when the time is right.

In comparison, if your voice is silent, your audience will go elsewhere. It’s that simple.

But here’s the thing…

It’s all too easy to jump on the content marketing train and stick up any old thing (and I’ve seen people do it).

You CAN’T do this.

There’s already too much information ‘out there’.

Be warned… If you rush up naff quality, poorly thought through content, you’ll only contribute to the noise.

You won’t make the impact you need to drive the leads and sales you want. You’ll do yourself a disservice too – because your message won’t have it full impact. It’s why you’ve got to invest the time and effort (and maybe even some cash) to craft the RIGHT quality content that drives a next step.

And that brings us to the biggest challenge you’ll face when it comes to content marketing… knowing what you should create now, next, or later (and even never). After all, we’re all strapped for time. And no one wants to waste time creating something that doesn’t even make a ripple.

It’s why you’ll be asking questions such as:

  • Should I blog, write emails, create an e-book, record a podcast or a video, make checklists, cheat sheets, or PDF downloads?
  • Where on earth should I invest my time and resources to get the best return from all that effort (and wrist ache?)
  • Will the content idea in my head deliver the result I want?

If thoughts like these slow you down and hold your back, then you’ll want to get yourself a copy of Smart Content Decisions. As these are just some of the questions I answer.

Let’s take a closer look and discover what’s inside this awesome printed workbook…


cover-Smart-Content-price4Here’s what’s inside:

  1. The number 1 reason you must STOP creating content – NOW (you need to understand this point if your content strategy is to work). With this information in your hands, you’ll be able to take a step back and start to take a strategic overview of your content creation – to maximise your investment.
  2. The Content Alignment Table. This nifty little tool details the type of content you can use to drive each step of your sales journey. It’s an easy way to figure out where the biggest content win is for your business (and your message).
    • If you want to know what content will get your customer’s attention, this table will give you some clues
    • If you want to grow your list, again you’ll get some ideas
    • And if you want to nurture your relationships with existing customers and entice them to buy again, I’ll share some formats that work
  3. Next, I’ll give you the low-down on 28 different types of content you could create to give your message momentum and help achieve your goals. Once you understand how these different types of content can work to share and enhance your wider message, you’ll feel more confident about where to invest your time
  4. Finally you’ll decide your next steps… Using the content decision table and flow chart you can choose (with more certainty) what content you’ll create now, next, and later. Taking action is KEY. It’s all very well having a heap of ideas in your head, but you’ll make zero progress until you actually publish your voice and start to build a conversation around who you are and what you stand for.

IMG_0747But that’s not all! 

You’ll also discover:

  • My updated customer avatar template (it’s very in-depth). With this comprehensive tool in your hands you’ll have the prompts you need to ask the really deep questions that will enable you to understand your perfect customer in a profound and intimate way. Trust me, these insights are key to crafting a compelling message that feels authentic and relevant to the right people
  • An overview of the 7 components of your expert message (to get you thinking about what to talk about). When crafting content it’s not enough to share your ideas and insights – you also need to communicate a consistent positioning piece. Once you’re aware of these seven components, you’ll begin to look at your message at a high level.
  • PLUS a Gem Writing pen to capture your genius. After all, what’s a workbook without a pen to capture all your thoughts and ideas as they start to bubble to the surface?

Remember, How To Make Smart Content Decisions is a full colour, 26-page PRINTED workbook. It’s not some naff digital thingy. This is a proper printed tool that’s chock-full of lovely content, graphics, templates – as well as space to record your genius ideas as they bubble up.

So don’t worry. This investment won’t sat sad and forgotten as a download somewhere on your computer. Instead you can pop it on your desk or in your bookshelf ready to use whenever you need it. 

In addition, because it’s printed you’re more likely to engage with the content. I want you to scribble your notes, highlight the good bits, fold back the pages and use it. I used to be a teacher so I know the importance of active learning. If you simply read stuff it’s quickly forgotten, but if you engage with the materials and start putting theory into practice – that’s when the magic happens.

Grab this swishy pen and  capture your genius when you buy your workbook from this page. Nice!

Grab this swishy pen and capture your genius when you buy your workbook from this page. Nice!

I’m serious! You’ll get all that for just £35

I’ll be honest… I’ve poured my heart into this workbook.

It’s very comprehensive and will leave you with stacks of ideas for getting content marketing working for you. Remember, I’ll even throw in this lovely pen so you can make your notes and jot down ideas. Check out the pic 😉

So if you’re interested in content marketing, want to get better at content marketing, or need some momentum to get you going, buy now and I’ll rush your printed workbook to you by 1st class post.

Remember… Great content can fuel your sales journey, unleash your voice, and ensure you get to have an influence on the conversations that lead to your customers making a purchase.

So don’t get left behind. Choose your content wisely and see what happens for you.

I’m here to help :-)

What other business owners say…

leeI have read several ‘how to guides’ in the past, however this one really stands out. In 26 pages there is nothing but great content, useful information and it really made me look and think about the content we are currently sending to our clients. Georgina really knows her stuff. I can’t believe she has shared so much information in one guide.

Lee Calendar – Mail Magic

Paul-500pxI’ve always hated writing content. The long and short of it is I haven’t always seen the point as the ROI on time invested just wasn’t there for me. But after readying Georgina’s book I’ve gone back to the drawing board with my content strategy and began to look at the big picture with fresh eyes. She’s made the WHY & WHAT really easy to understand and this has finally got me excited about how content can position me and my business plus what content CAN return in terms of bottom line numbers.

Paul Cox – Cracking AdWords


(Hum hum… Didn’t you forget something!)