Is Your Website Leaving Money on the Table?

Is your website leaving money on the table?You know of course that who we choose to do business with is influenced by how much we know, like and trust someone.

And whilst there are things you can do on your website to build rapport and connection with a first-time visitor, very rarely will it be enough to convince someone to buy from you.

It means that if your website has no capability to capture names and email addresses, you’re only allowing yourself one bite of the cherry. As such, you’re almost definitely missing out on potential profits.

Build relationships and the sales will follow

So instead of trying to make a sale on that first encounter, think about what steps you can take to persuade a visitor to voluntarily enter into a relationship with you.

You see, once you have contact details, you have permission to enter into a person’s private email inbox. And if you can help and assist them by sending value content that addresses the pressing problems on their mind, who do you think they’ll be more likely to buy from when the time is right?

You can’t dictate to someone when it’s time to buy

Never forget that the buying decision and timescale lies firmly with your prospect. What’s more, no one likes to be sold to. Instead we like to feel in control and make decisions at our own pace.

However, you can stay on the radar of a prospect and influence their future buying choices by following-up with useful, relevant, interesting content and enticing special offers. But to do that, you need contact details…

Exchange contact details for a free, valuable giveaway

You’ll have to do a bit of work to get those all-important names and emails. After all, we’ve become more sceptical and resistant to joining “any old list” and it means the promise of yet another monthly eNewsletter is highly unlikely to hit the mark.

However a quality, well-pitched incentive that provides information your prospects would genuinely value, could. Which means it’s well worth investing the time and effort to create a free eBook, special report or a quality video series that is sufficiently intriguing to encourage website visitors to want to get their hands on it.

Then, armed with your incentive, your website will suddenly be transformed into a powerful lead generator and list builder for your small business.

In turn you’ll stop bleeding potential profits and instead get the contact details you need to build relationships with people who could eventually become your next customer.

Try it for yourself and see…

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