How to keep your sales copy fresh and relevant by practicing your 3 Rs

They say a picture says a thousand words.

Whilst this is true I reckon in advertising the accompanying copy is far more important. After all whilst a picture can attract attention, the words guide the reader’s interpretation and nudge them to absorb your intended message.

So if the right copy gets results by compelling readers into action, it makes sense to commit the time and energy needed to be on the money. What’s more you can’t be complacent.  Instead outstrip your competition and keep your copy fresh and relevant by practicing the 3 Rs . That’s “Review, Re-think and Revise…”


Here are nine ideas to get you started.

  1. Review your homepage headline: Don’t settle for the predictable “hello & welcome to …”. Instead create a memorable opening that explains your main benefit or communicates your unique selling point.
  2. Write a keyword rich blog: And add value to customers by answering a question, sharing a solution or offering an opinion. It’s worth the effort. 
  3. Get customer feedback: Then use this invaluable ammunition (warts and all) to tweak your copy with confidence.
  4. Integrate testimonials: And allow real customer experiences to talk to new prospects.
  5. Answer this key question: And make your response crystal clear by focusing on benefits rather than features… And the question? “What’s in it for me?” This is on the lips of every customer so fail to address this at your peril!
  6. Straight talk: You’ll turn customers off with posh, complicated lingo. Instead cut the waffle, scrap the big words and select simple language that can be understood.
  7. Add generous helpings of  this powerful 3 letter word: And no it doesn’t begin with S! The word is  YOU. Reduce the “we’s” and the “I’s”, write for the customer and revise the emphasis of your copy to focus on YOU.
  8. Experiment: Don’t reinvent the wheel, but if a marketing campaign hasn’t generated the response you wanted, try a different headline, explore long copy instead of short or test a different platform.
  9. Oh, and if all else fails use a copywriter!

Can we make it a round 10? How do you ensure your copy stays appealing? Tell me by leaving a comment.

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