Introducing The Non-Writer’s Guide To Copywriting

non-writer's guideDo you get frustrated that you can’t write good sales copy?

Does it take you an age to string together a sentence that actually makes sense?

Are you tearing your hair out wondering why customers aren’t responding to your sales messages?

If so I’ve created an eBook which I think might help :-)

The Non-Writer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Content That Works is designed for people just like you who understand the importance of good copy – but struggle to write it.

Interested? Then read on and discover how to get your copy…

Quality content gives you a competitive edge

Now I know I have an unfair advantage. After all I genuinely¬†love to write. It’s a childhood passion that I’ve never wanted to shake off. And to be honest, I’ve always felt more comfortable expressing my thoughts and ideas in the written word.

BUT even if you don’t have a natural knack for words, if your copy isn’t working it could be because you’re not using proven copywriting techniques. And if you don’t know what they are, how could you?

But this eBook could help…

Discover the techniques the professionals use

Inside I’ve outlined my five golden rules of irresistible content creation. It includes things such as relationship building, writing for your customer avatar ¬†and being yourself.

What’s more, you’ll also discover my list of 12 practical copywriting examples. It’s invaluable…

What I’ve done for you is listed 12 important copywriting techniques, and then shown you how to apply them in practice. It should help you see for yourself the difference between good copy and the rubbish stuff :-)

There’s no excuse :-)

Unfortunately, in this digital age, being a non-writer is not an excuse for creating rubbish copy.

You simply can’t afford to do it. That’s because quality content can boost your ability to sell, persuade and build relationships. It’s powerful stuff.

So even if you never want to write a single piece of content again and you decide to hire a copywriter, it’s still in your interests to understand the fundamentals of good copywriting. It means you can make an informed judgement about whether a piece of content has what it takes to work for your business.

Grab your FREE copy now…

Arrow 7If you’re serious about creating quality content that will promote and grow you business, this is one eBook you can’t afford to miss.

To get your copy, simply add your details to the form below and I’ll whizz you over a link.

And if you have any questions, just pop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you…

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