How To Use Passion And Stories To Connect With Your Audience

Unleash your passionOne of the best things about my job is its variety.

As someone who thrives on new experiences and fresh knowledge, I love that I get to discover something new everyday by speaking with so many amazing people.

For example, already this week I’ve spoken with:

  • An ecommerce retailer who sells top-notch LED lights
  • An MD (and serial implementer) who gets so much done it’s ridiculous
  • A landscaper who designs and build beautiful gardens
  • An electrician who’s raring to grow
  • A coach who helps entrepreneurs tell their story
  • A waxologist who’s passionate about boosting her client’s body confidence.

Now, on the surface you’d be forgiven for thinking these businesses have little in common.

But that’s simply not true…

You see the thread that ties these businesses together is their passion for what they do.

Trust me, there’s nothing more compelling and invigorating that speaking with someone who’s bursting with ideas, possibilities, and excitement about the impact they want to make.

It’s one of the reasons why I believe passion (and stories) can help you overcome a lack of copywriting skills.

Fact is, if you’re super passionate about what you do, you don’t need B.S or marketing hype to be convincing. Instead, your raw emotion and honest, heartfelt communication can cut through the noise and grab at the hearts and minds of your perfect customer.

And isn’t this approach so much more refreshing?

I think so… because let’s be honest a lot of the marketing you read online is either hyped up, or just plain dull.

And it got me thinking. What would happen if:

  • There was more ‘heart’ online
  • More business owners expressed their true voice and had the courage to say what they really think and believe
  • More people revealed their true personality without fear of judgement

I think these possibilities could make for some powerful and engaging content. So if you’re on a mission and you know you have something special to offer, but you long to have a stronger impact, this blog may just contain some words you need to read.

Let me explain…

Who is the real loser?

IMG_2312It’s not easy to express your true voice – especially if you worry what others might think or you believe you’re not good enough.

Heartfelt copy leaves you exposed and open to judgement, doesn’t it? As a result, you may be tempted to play safe or dumb down your message – just to avoid making waves or being singled out (for the wrong reasons!)

But recently, I’ve become acutely aware of the price you pay for NOT showing up in your full capacity. When you adapt your message to fit in, you quickly become a watered down version of your potential.

And this is a crazy game, which no one wins!

You lose because you’ll feel frustrated and your audience misses out because they don’t get the best of you.

It’s why I believe you’ve got to loosen up, let go, and have a bit more faith in who you are!

Here’s how…

Your words are waiting to be written

The quickest way to unlock and express your passion is to get super clear on your purpose.

In short, articulate the ‘thing’ that fills you with zest and motivates you to do more, seek out fresh ideas, and deliver your very best work.

Remember… people will buy into YOU.

Sure your product or service is a key aspect of your message, BUT your story (and your personality) is a massive differentiator that can transform how your audience relates to what you say. I’ll explain why personality is important in just a minute, but first let’s explore how you can uncover your WHY.

You’ve got to dig deep:

  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • Why do you bother to do what you do?
  • Why should other people care about your work?

You can’t rush this discovery. You need to hook into the truth so allow your subconscious to have a play and sleep on it.

You’ll find the payoff is huge.. that’s because when you share your message from this start point (instead of banging on about your products and services), you’ll begin to tap into the language of emotion which is instinctive and visceral.

That’s because your WHY will align with the outcomes that your perfect customer desires. In turn, the right people will be drawn closer by your big promise. In effect, your passion allows you to build rapport and lay strong foundations for a profitable relationship.

But that’s not all…

Why personality matters

99 prompts websiteIf you want to share your message with heart and authenticity, you need to reveal more you. That’s because when you combine your WHY with your personality and tell stories, your impact magnifies.

  • So allow your audience to see past the mask and reveal more of your day-to-day.
  • Invite them around your kitchen table, into your home, and into your head.
  • Use experiences from your everyday to express your personality and draw people close.

I promise, look a little closer and you’ll find that your life is an unlimited source of stories that will make your message more engaging, current, and memorable – even if the things you do seem a tad boring to you, wrap them into a worthwhile business lesson and your impact will soar.

(P.S. Don’t worry if you feel at a loss of what to say to share more you, my story swipe file makes it easy for you to find something interesting to write about – even if you think your day felt ordinary. You can get your free copy by signing up below.)

Just let your voice go…


Openness and visibility will make you more vulnerable.  And yes, this thought freaks me out too.

And that’s why you must remember that not everyone will be drawn to the real, authentic you. But that’s a good thing.

Truth is that it’s important your message appeals to some and not to others. You don’t want to please everyone. You just want to attract the people who you can best serve.

IMG_2288So I ask YOU…  are you ready to share your message with authenticity and passion?

If so craft content from your instinct, ramp up your communication, and begin to share the stories of your business and your brand.

Your audience needs YOU.

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