Profit from your copywriter with these 25 creative ideas

So you’ve taken the plunge and hired a copywriter.

But how do you get the best from your investment and use words to make your business stand out from the crowd?

There are stacks of creative ways words can direct customers to your business, and a talented copywriter can help with all of these (and a few more besides).

So if you’re seeking inspiration for cutting edge content and awesome advertising,  here are 25 creative ways to get you started…

  1. Start by developing a content marketing plan and identify a wide range of opportunities to provide quality, relevant content to your audience. Content marketing is an invaluable way to entrench your position as an authority in your niche and can help you make a customer, not a sale.
  2. Work up a PR strategy and a publication schedule to explore how well written press releases could increase your media coverage.
  3. Create a regular newsletter. Start with a strategy and pin down your aim. Be clear what your call to action will be and what you want your newsletter to achieve. Then work out how often you’ll publish, and plan your content to ensure you’re consistently delivering worthwhile content to your subscribers.
  4. Give your SEO a health check – review keywords, keywords phrases, and meta descriptions to ensure they’re fit for purpose. Double check you’re writing for people – not search engine spiders!
  5. Pin down focus topics, work out a publication schedule and blog with strategy.
  6. Seek opportunities to guest blog and increase the exposure of your business to a new audience. You don’t need to pick someone in the same business as you. Whilst this is good exposure also look out for opportunities to blog on complementary sites (e.g. as a copywriter guest blogging on a design site would work for me).
  7. Leave relevant, insightful comments on blogs. Avoid the “nice post” style and instead add value to the discussion thread. It’s a canny tip for raising your profile, and can entice new readers to check out your own content.
  8. Create an expert product and give away in exchange for an email address. It’s a proven technique to build you list – and as the experts say it’s “where the money is”.
  9. Create some innovative ways to communicate with your list. Again the aim of any communication must be to engage readers in substantive conversations. And whilst well timed sales talk is ok, it shouldn’t form the bulk of your interaction.
  10. Create bespoke landing pages to group together content about particular products and services. This copywriting tutorial is a good example. It’s a good way to focus your audience and expose them to a range of relevant content about a specific topic.
  11. Attract attention across your advertising portfolio with punchy, neck snapping headlines.
  12. Revamp your appeal with some fresh web content.
  13. Review your about us page and rewrite it from the customer perspective rather than boring your  customer with your life story.
  14. Create awesome articles for submission to EZine directories and clock up your back links.
  15. Create some Squidoo lenses to focus Google traffic to a particular landing page.
  16. Interview clients and create some interesting case studies from satisfied customers and post them instead of testimonials. It’s a different way to show potential clients what you can deliver.
  17. Don’t dismiss offline advertising. Experiment with leaflets and brochures as a hard-copy reminder of your business when your customer walks away.
  18. Create some reward content to send to subscribers or customers to thank them for their business.
  19. Write an informative article for a trade journal or magazine. It’s a good way to gain exposure and build credibility.
  20. Write an e-book or e-course around your specialism and develop your authority within your niche.  Consider distributing it with an auto responder. Lots of providers offer these including MailChimp.
  21. Create a white paper that tackles a thorny issue that’s challenging your niche in an unusual way.
  22. Write a commentary about something of interest to your niche.
  23. Review a book, publication or journal that’s hot in your area.
  24. Use the back of your business cards for unique content and insert a strong call to action.
  25. Rev up your Twitter headlines and get your content noticed and shared to new audiences through social media.

Which of these creative ways will you try? Or which ideas worked best for you? Let me know how you get on in the comments section below.


This is the third instalment in a series of posts called Hire a Freelance Copywriter and Get Rid of Ineffective Sales Copy Once and For All.

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