Hi Pushing Social Reader

It looks like we already have a lot in common :-)

Pushing Social is one of my favourite blogs. I read it every day and it’s really, really exciting to be able to guest for Stan.

Now I know you’re busy and on the hunt for great content to improve your blogging skills and your writing. So to help you get the most out of your visit here, I’ve put together this page of my best stuff.

1.  Grab my free ebook

Just add your email address to the sign-up box under this post and download a free copy of my eBook. 7 Steps to Writing Copy That Sells is written especially for business owners who write their own copy and want to do it better. It will help you hone your message, attract more readers and build your blog.

2. Follow me on Twitter

If I’m not writing, I’m either playing at being mum (mom) to my two small girls or tweeting. So if want to talk words, Take That or micro business, come and say hi @GemWriting :-)

3.  Read these popular blog posts

I make my living writing great content for micro business owners here in the UK. But I also love to blog.

I write about discovering what makes your business special and explore ways copywriting and content marketing can help attract more customers, make more sales and grow your business. Here are three articles to get you started, and please remember to retweet those you liked the best 😉

  1. What Mo Farah’s 10K victory can teach you about smarter business writing
  2. Do you apply this golden rule to your SEO web copy?
  3. Is your marketing copy a turn off?

Thanks for popping over, I look forward to seeing you again.


P.S: If you’re the owner of a very small business, you’ll love the Micro Business Hub (OK I’m the editor so I’m biased!) With fresh daily content it’s a great place to get ideas, learn new stuff and work on your business. Go check it out…

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