The Secret Steps To Successful Micro Business Marketing

Effective marketing will help you promote and sell your products and services.

And as a micro business owner, you’ll want to get your strategy right to save money and build awareness.

So to give you some extra insights here are four secrets to successfully marketing your own micro business.

Secret 1: Know your audience

The first secret is to know your customers.

If you know specifically and in fine detail who you’re talking to, you’ll be able to fine tune your message with the right words and the right content to make an impact.

So create a bio. Even better link that with a picture and a name to make it really personal.

And don’t make the common mistake of believing your business has a mass appeal. It doesn’t and  it shouldn’t. That’s the job of the big brands with the big marketing budget.

Instead, as a micro business, one of your strengths is your niche appeal.

And the only way to harness the power of your niche appeal is to know your customer.

Secret 2: Harness your personality

Your marketing has to capture and promote your USP.

Your USP is the unique aspect of your business that encourages customers to pick you over all their other choices. Therefore it needs to be compelling, but also attractive to your target customer.

As a micro business owner, part of what makes your company special is you.

So take some time to think about how you uniquely add value to your business.

The key is often found in your personality.

It may be:

  • Your friendliness,
  • Your easy ability to build rapport,
  • Your startling skill at intuitively understanding what a customer wants,
  • Your humour and sense of fun.
  • Your slick professionalism etc.

Whatever it is for you will influence your business’ tone.

And that tone must be captured in your marketing message to ensure consistency.

Secret 3: Own your niche

Smart micro business owners recognise the benefits of remaining consistently small.

They identify their niche and then they use marketing to claim it. They work to become a person of influence and the “one to go to” when a customer requires your particular service or product.

In addition, smart business owners use their marketing strategy to claim that niche.

They will build authority through the provision of quality information that answers their clients most pressing problems. They become the fixer.

A really easy way to do this is through blogging.

Your blogging strategy should consist of:

  • A predictable programme of posting fresh content on your own domain (for example the Micro Business Hub posts each weekday).
  • Supplemented by guest blogging on complementary sites to boost your presence and attract a new audience.

You can bolster this strategy yet further through writing articles for publications that your target customers read and through guest speaking.

Secret 4: Get your words right

The secret sauce that ties all this together is the words you use.

OK I’m a copywriter so I’m biased BUT words are a critical element of your marketing.

Through your words you:

  • Communicate tone.
  • Convey meaning.
  • Build rapport with your reader.
  • Allow people to take you seriously.
  • Inform, influence, convince and persuade.

If your words are all wrong, and your message is structured in a chaotic fashion, readers (and potential customers) will not take you seriously.

And that reaction can be detrimental to your sales, your brand and your reputation.

You see, good copywriting is a critical business skill.

Done properly it will improve your response rate and influence your sales. As such it’s something you need to focus on.

To help, I created 7 Steps To Writing Copy That Sells. It’s for micro business owners just like you who write their own copy and want to do it better. To get your copy simply sign-up to my mailing list.

To summarise, marketing is the critical key to promoting and selling your products.

And as a micro business owner you hold the key to its success. So tell me, which of these four steps do you need to focus on.

And until next week, keep honing your micro business marketing and reap the rewards…


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