3 Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Sales Copy

Sharpen your sales copyGreat sales copy reads effortlessly.

And it’s persuasive…

Somehow it catches your eye, draws you in and before you know it you find yourself nodding at the content and getting excited about owning the product or service that’s being “sold” to you.

And a response like this translates into a healthy bottom line…

But from a copywriting perspective, the problem with writing great copy is it’s time consuming and often challenging.

The end reader doesn’t get to see the countless drafts, screwed up pieces of paper and brainstorm of ideas and notes. Instead, all they see is the final polished version that’s been tweaked, honed and vigorously checked over to ensure the words are just right.

BUT if you want to stand out and get results, you need to invest this kind of effort to ensure your words are sharp, specific and persuasive.

And it’s NOT enough to simply describe what you’re selling.

You also need to consider the sales psychology which means figuring out the right angle, tweaking the order and identifying the hooks and stickiness that will keep your audience reading.

And that’s where these three simple techniques can really sharpen your sales copy.

1. Be curious about everything

Good copywriting isn’t just about being able to say things well.

It’s also about deciding what should and shouldn’t be included in your copy – and to be honest, this second bit poses your biggest challenge along with your biggest win.

You see you don’t need to have masses of experience in a particular industry to be able to write about it.

In fact, there are times when excessive prior knowledge can be a disadvantage because you can start making dangerous assumptions and taking things for granted.

In comparison, a newbie brings curiosity, surprising questions and fresh insights. What’s more, these fresh eyes will help you make unusual but interesting connections and ideas which can turn a piece of writing from dull to delicious.

So I urge you to look around with childlike curiosity. Be interested in everything you see. Be aware of how different people see the world and learn from these experiences. Take notes. Jot down ideas and allow your discoveries to weave their way into your own copywriting. I promise it will make your words more compelling.

2.  Be brave and explore fresh ideas

Most business owners who write their own copy never take risks.

Instead they fall into the trap of churning out the same old, boring, indistinguishable sales copy as everyone else – and then wonder why customers get turned off.

If you really want to make a difference in your business you need to be willing to take a few calculated risks and try something a bit different. For sure it may not work BUT the upshot is it could…

Think about:

  • What would happen if you added a splash of your personality into your marketing?
  • How about using your creative flair to help you stand out?
  • What about incorporating characters, storytelling and themes?

The cool thing about business is there’s so much you could try – and in reality inspiration is everywhere. Just look around you, notice what catches your attention and then ask this cracking question.

How could I apply that idea in my business?  

3.  Sleep on it

There may be times when you simply have to get something out NOW.

However, if you can wait do because it’s always worth sleeping on a finished draft before you hit the send or publish button.

That’s because I guarantee that even the best piece of sales will always be improved when you look at it afresh the next day.

You’ll probably spot some typos or grammatical errors that you overlooked the previous day (beware, your mind will read what you want it to say rather than what it actually says!)

But more importantly, you’ll probably uncover a better way of making a point or identify a more suitable analogy or case study that sharpens and enriches your words.

Copywriting is an essential business skill – FACT

The ability to write sharp copy is undoubtedly one of the most important skills you can learn and develop if you want to run a successful business.

Being able to consistently persuade customers through irresistable words and interesting marketing concepts can help you find more customers, build your reputation and grow your business. And to achieve that, not only do you need to write well – you also need to stay open to ideas.

So allow your curiosity and imagination a free reign, and see what you uncover :-)

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      Hi Fiona, looking at things afresh is always a wise thing to do and I think children are so good at that. They question without pre-conceptions or “baggage” and so often start conversations or make discoveries that otherwise would remain concealed. I bet you see lots of that on your farm :-)

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