Ten Tricks To Make Creativity A Cornerstone Of Your Micro Business

How much time do you spend being creative in your micro business?

Creativity is about manifesting something new and bringing ideas and concepts from your imagination into a tangible form.

As a copywriter, being creative is my job. And that means I spend a lot of time in my zone.

But is it enough?

As a micro business owner there are always a million things to do. And that means it can be difficult to find dedicated creative time. However if you do, it could help you outsmart the competition. That’s because:

1.  It’s inspiring

Creativity is exciting. It gives you a buzz and can inspire both yourself and your customers. Just look at the legacy of Apple’s Steve Job.

2.  It’s innovating

If you create and develop something new, just watch how innovation gives your business momentum. You’ll push boundaries and make new things possible.

3.  It’s outsmarting

Use creativity to tap new markets, reach new customers, and keep existing buyers wanting more. Stay creative, spot the new ideas and you’ll be the business out front.

Convinced? Here are ten tricks to wake up your creativity

1.  Find your “zone”

You’ll be at your most creative when ideas free flow and ooze naturally. So take the time to discover what takes you to that place. Often it will be when you stop trying.

2.  Stay inspired

It’s a good way to find your zone. Read, ask questions, speak to customers, spend time in nature or listen to music. Find what gets your ideas flowing. And once you know what it is, commit to spending quality time hanging out there.

3.  Keep a notepad

I take my Moleskine everywhere. A notebook is a great tool to jot down random thoughts and fleeting glances. What’s more it will quickly develop into a valuable resource. It ensures you don’t waste time trying to remember and gives you a head start when brainstorming.

4.  Schedule creative time

Whilst it’s true creativity is a natural process, it does require some good old-fashioned elbow grease. So commit at least an hour each week (more if you can) and put it in your diary so you don’t forget.

5.  Don’t try to hard

OK this contradicts the last point but too much effort can stifle creativity. So if it’s not working, move on and try something else. If creating feels difficult, your critical head may be in the way and a cracking idea could be stifled. So when this happens…

6.  Sleep on it

Or take a walk. Discover what works to take you away from the moment. In your absence your subconscious will be hard at work. Then when you take a new look, you’ll be surprised at what shifted.

7.  Have fun

You’ve got to enjoy being creative. So stock up on stationery, use different colour pens, doodle, scribble, write on stickies and make your creative workspace fun. Let your expression be free and wait for those little gems to come running.

8.  Watch who you tell

New ideas need nurturing so protect your creativity with encouragement. It is useful to cast a critical eye, but avoid the drainers who knock your confidence and suck embryonic ideas into the void.

9.  Trust yourself

To be creative you must get out of your own way. So be observant with your thoughts and dispel those “well that’s a rubbish idea” comments. For sure some ideas will be a non-starter, but you never know which fleeting notion could be the one to transform your business.

10.  Finally watch how you speak to yourself

Call yourself creative, believe in your ideas, and ask how you could make an idea happen. Whatever you do don’t focus on the reasons why something won’t work.

So there you have it. Three reasons to be creative in business and some powerful tools to make it happen.

Over to you

But what have I missed? What gets you into the zone of creative explosion! And most importantly how have you used creativity to grow your micro business?

Please leave a comment and let me know.

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    I think you have it all covered. My “zone” is running, while I jog through the countryside my best ideas come to mind and organize themselves.


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