Warning. Do you overlook these secret marketing ingredients that get customers racing for their phone?

Did you know there’s a spark of magic hiding in your micro business?

Of course you did!  That’s why you put up with the late nights, compromises and tough decisions!

And you feel it when you wow a client or  smash a sales target.

But do you struggle to communicate that magic in your marketing?

Maybe you’re unsure what makes you special. Or perhaps you can explain it in conversation, but can’t pin it down in words.

And so you get overlooked.

You’re heart sinks. You don’t attract the traffic you imagined and in the middle of the night you lie awake wondering if all your sacrifices are worth it.

Why aren’t customers phoning?

It’s not surprising you feel this frustration. Micro business marketing is seriously tricky to crack. And it’s not for lack of ideas, passion and shear hard work. In reality, you can’t afford to waste money on ideas not guaranteed to work, and the day to day running of your business absorbs so much time, marketing is not always your first thought.

And so you compromise and at best approach your promotional activity in an ad hoc style.

Make your advertising do your business justice

This is one of the reasons clients come to me.

They’ve spent time on their website and promotional material, and whilst it describes their business, something is missing. It lacks oomph. The words aren’t compelling and they don’t attract customers. In short words are selling you short.

I’ve talked to enough entrepreneurs and micro biz owners to know they’re made of pretty awesome stuff. In fact, at networking meetings I have to reign myself in because I get so excited hearing about their business and passion.

And it’s through these conversations I’ve uncovered some interesting insights.

In fact, I’ve discovered a unique way of connecting with the core of what makes your business special – and some easy to implement ideas to communicate this magic to your customers.

And I’m going to share these discoveries with you through my blog.

It’s time to embrace a new approach to your marketing

From now on, right here at Copywriting Gems, we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about:

  • How to discover what makes your business interesting.
  • How to communicate that magic to customers so they feel compelled to buy from you.

Sound good?

I’m super excited about this journey. Just think, if you can harness that magic, and captivate customers with your message, what could it make possible for your business?

I’ve got lots of ideas to share and next time I’ll start dipping into the detail. But for now I know you’re keen to have some concrete evidence of what I’m talking about so I’ll start with a biggie…

You are part of your marketing message

As a micro biz owner YOU are a critical component of your magic. The minute you really grasp this, your marketing message will take on a new level of intrigue and captivation.

But here’s the crux. To achieve that, you’ve got to sell yourself – not just your product or service.

And if you’re totally squirming in your seat right now, or switching off because you think I’m talking nonsense, just pause. This discomfort is a common fearful response. If you market yourself, suddenly it’s also about you as an individual. You feel exposed and the core of who you are is on the line.

But before you freak out, think about it. Successful micro business depends on building rapport with your customers.

And people like people who are like themselves.

Capture what you uniquely bring in your marketing message, and potential customers learn to know you, like you and trust you. This is the foundation for creating rapport that attracts business.

Heck why do you think social media has been so popular? It allows customers to connect with the person behind the brand.

In my future posts I’ll share some simple techniques you can use to figure out your magic – and then I’ll show you how to communicate that to customers.

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You’ll get the next post delivered to your inbox and you can download my free eBook – 7 Steps to Writing Copy That Sells straight away.

But before you do that, tell me what makes your business magical and what is your biggest communication challenge.

Until next time, be magical :-)

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  1. says

    Enjoyed reading your article. Would love to have some of my pages re-written on my website. However, based on what you are saying “people like people who are like themselves” , how would you then be able to talk about me with the same passion if you don’t me or who I am?

    • says

      Hi Paulette, thanks for your feedback and your great question. It’s a really good idea to periodically review your website copy to keep it fresh and ensure it best reflects your business.

      The reason a copywriter can write on your behalf is because they work to get under the skin of your business.

      They’ll spend time talking with you, asking questions and really getting a grasp of how your business benefits customers. They will also spend time researching and understanding exactly who you target market is. Without this information, it’s difficult to write copy that has real impact.

      What’s more, a good copywriter will not write words in isolation. You are absolutely right – you know your business inside out and your copywriter will for sure tap into this knowledge. What’s more, you have to feel comfortable sat in those words and feel that they reflect your business in the best possible way. Your copywriter will always ensure you’re happy with what they write – and if you have a difference of opinion, you’ll be able to discuss why a particular angle could be more effective.

      The advantage a copywriter will bring is they are trained and experienced in using persuasive writing techniques. They’ll be able to present your message in a way that speaks to your customer and surprisingly they don’t have to be you to do that.

      If you enjoy writing your own copy, I suggest you sign-up to my mailing list and you’ll be able to download 7 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells. It’s packed with tips and ideas to help you. I hope this answered your question. Feel free to come back at me!

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