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7 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells

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Customers are the lifeblood of your business and marketing is your way of attracting them. But if your adverts don’t get read and your website turns visitors off, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. You simply won’t get the attention you need to find and keep customers.

What’s more you’ll end up wasting money and time publishing an ineffective message.

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7 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells is for smart micro business owners who write their own sales copy – and want to do it better.

It’s packed with practical tips, bite sized theory and ideas to improve your persuasive writing.

You see, words are what sell your business on and off line. Get them right and you’ll do your business justice. Get them wrong, and you’ll lose out on sales.

And with that in mind, can you afford not to improve your persuasive writing technique?

“I struggled writing my website copy. However with the advise in Georgina’s ebook, I’m finally getting a handle on it. She has certainly inspired me to think harder and take the time to write better.”

Jo Waltham – Callia Web

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@GemWriting great ebook! There’s a lot of very useful info and a brilliant approach that you use! I would highly recommend it!
29/04/2012 10:44

What to expect from 7 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells:

This eBook is not like other copywriting theory books. Instead, theory is complemented with worksheets to help you nail content ideas and structure your message so it works. In this eBook you’ll discover.

  1. How to Write Copy that Sells
  2. Write for Somebody (not everybody)
  3. Lay out your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  4. Explain how you Benefit Customers
  5. How To Write Hot, Hooking Headlines
  6. The Structure that Sells
  7. Convert with a Strong Call to Action
In addition, I’ll reveal a simple secret that will enhance the words you write – but you’ll have to download the book to discover what that is!

3 ways you’ll benefit

  1. Grow sales by increasing the effectiveness of your sales copy.
  2. Work on your business with worksheets that help you put theory into practice.
  3. Learn techniques to help your sales message stick.
“If you are setting up a small business or revisiting your website content I can thoroughly recommend taking time out to read what Georgina has to say in her 7 Steps ebook. I found her marketing explanations so clear and easy to understand which motivated me to try the worksheets. I found them simple yet effective to use and they kept me focused on the message I needed to deliver”.
Fiona Cambouropoulos – blogger and owner of Coombe Mill Farm

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