Hire a Freelance Copywriter

And Get Rid of Ineffective Sales Copy Once and For All

Copywriting is a specialised type of persuasive writing

It’s purpose is to convince readers to take a particular action – like buying your product, signing up for your newsletter or downloading a special report.

As you know awesome copy can sell mediocre products, while lacklustre copy can bury even the most inspired.

And that means the words you choose to promote your business are a big deal.

Who do you trust to write your sales copy?
Perhaps you’re currently in the DIY camp. On the surface this makes sense. As a savvy business owner you’re keen to maximise your profits and reduce your expenses.

So why would you hire someone to do a job you can do yourself?  

It’s a good question and one with a range of answers.

So I’ve put together this quick 5-part Gem Writing tutorial. It will explain why your sales will benefit from investment in some professional writing. What’s more you’ll grab tips on how to get the most out of your copywriter too.

And if copywriting DIY is working for you, you’ll still find this tutorial crammed with useful tips and essential techniques to improve your writing and content.

Sounds good?

Get Started Today - Hand Drawn MaroonEither read these articles in order, or start with the title that appeals most. 



  1. STOP! Do you make these 5 copywriting mistakes
  2. The 5 warning signs it’s time to call in a copywriter.
  3. 25 creative ways to profit from your freelance copywriter.
  4. How to help your copywriter write words that wow.
  5. How to write better sales copy in 5-simple steps

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Rachel Perry – Social Media Consultant for Business

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